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Friday, September 3, 2010

Almost there ...

So, I tried to convince Husband that it would be worth it for me to spend $115 on a different plane ticket that would get me home 38 minutes earlier that the current flight I'm taking home tomorrow (which my company has paid for).

Husband said ... no.


In any case, I'll be heading to the airport this time tomorrow. If all hurricanes, etc. could please not disrupt my flight plans, that would be great. Thanks.


  1. LOL Have to agree with your dh! But, hope you had a great week!

  2. My husband would have said no too! :) So, so close! :)

  3. Take the money you saved and and take him out to dinner when you get home...:)

  4. 38 minutes isn't worth $115. It will all be over before you know it.

  5. Good thing you didn't change.....You would have totally jinxed yourself and ended up on a plane that wasn't working and delayed or something.