Good ideas v. Bad ideas - Baby Steps in High Heels

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good ideas v. Bad ideas

Good ideas: Getting a mani/pedi or a massage. Opening a good bottle of wine.

Bad ideas: Changing Baby’s formula. Cold turkey. When you’re home alone.

Good ideas: Driving the speed limit. Showing up on time for work.

Bad ideas: Throwing a load of Baby’s whites into the washing machine. Without first checking to see that a RED shirt is already in the machine. Turning the cycle to HOT.

Moral of this little story: A baby screaming inconsolably for hours on end because her tummy is so bloated that she cannot get comfortable or go to sleep can often result in pink sheets, towels, and burp cloths.

I’m sure this is Mom Logic 101, but these are newly learned lessons in my household.


  1. Poor baby! When we switched my son from formula to whole milk, we had the same issue. I actually had to put benefiber and stuff in his bottle for a few days!

  2. Mom Logic 101 is learned as you go. You can't know it all ahead of time, no matter what you think.

    Wish a bottle of whine was a good idea, but they said I couldn't have any this week.

  3. At least she's a girl so PINK is OK! ;-)

  4. Hope it's at least a cute shade of pink. ;)

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