Half Way There ... - Baby Steps in High Heels

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Half Way There ...

Four days and three nights down. Three nights/days to go.

Sales meeting: completed.

National conference: booth assembled; starts tomorrow.

So far, so good! Except that I’m exhausted. EXHAUSTED.

Tonight is the first night that I’ve had a little down time. And, by down time, I actually mean—time to myself in my hotel room … to work. And not have to go to a four-hour dinner or group activity. I’ve had fun doing those things, but I’m a little worn out!

Baby has had a fabulous stay with her grandparents, and I have photographic evidence of just how spoiled she’s been this week. Husband picked her up today, which is both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate because it means the week is half over and I’m that much closer to being home. Unfortunate because now Baby goes back to day care, and I don’t get hourly picture updates emailed to my iPhone.

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words, comments, and emails. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to respond individually (or visit your blogs) this week.

I hope everyone has fun plans for the holiday weekend. I plan to hold Baby as close as she’ll let me for as long as she’ll let me starting at 10:43 pm on Saturday night (which is roughly 8 minutes after my plane lands).

And sleep. I also plan to celebrate Labor Day by sleeping. I will be reverting back to the ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ mantra of new mothers. At least for a couple of days.


  1. Isn't it great to have an awesome husband and daughter to return too?

  2. I can't wait for you to be back home to your baby! I can sympathize with your being away. It's so hard! You'll get through this and give/get lots of hugs and kisses when you get home.

  3. hang in there, it wont be long now...

  4. YAY you are almost done, (I'm a little late on this one...don't know where I've been!) But you only have one day left! Enjoy it, it will be over soon! And then you get to hold your lovely baby in your arms! :)