Here I go ... - Baby Steps in High Heels

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here I go ...

Tomorrow (Monday) morning marks my first solo business trip of this sales season.

No friends/colleagues to distract me. No fancy dinners or nice wine to expense.

Just me. A rental car. And a hotel room.

Just me. Alone with my thoughts. Thoughts of flying in thunderstorms. Thoughts of having left my sick baby at home.

Just me. Hoping to squeeze in a few good work outs and a couple good nights of uninterrupted sleep. Oh, and piles of work.

This is the routine for the next couple of months. Repeating my mantras:

-Sleep. Sanity. Paycheck. Insurance.
-Professional. Responsible. Dependable. Accountable.
-It’s only a few weeks. Total. Then, back to working from home Nov-Jan.

Here I go ….


  1. It'll be over before you know it. Take care of you.

    Did you ever get anywhere with the daycare?