PYHO meets WMW - Baby Steps in High Heels

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PYHO meets WMW

It’s the last day of my business trip. I’ll be home tonight just in time to rock Baby to sleep, assuming that there are no flight delays.

These last few days have been easier and more difficult that I had anticipated.

Easier, because I didn’t expect to revel in the quiet time. The last business trip I took was filled with dinners, parties, and other events with co-workers. This time, I’m alone.

I’ve been able to get a lot of work done. I have exercised every single day. And, I’ve even had some time to catch up on my book club reading. Long, hot showers that I didn’t feel the need to rush through. Uninterrupted meals. It’s been nice. Busy, but nice.

On the other hand, there have also been some difficulties. I didn’t realize how frustrating it would be to have to wait to deal with day care issues.

[Go with me a minute on this tangent – Husband called Monday to say that Baby needs more cereal for day care. I replied that I would pick up some more when I returned and that he could just take the rest of the box we have at home. But then … wait. What? How does she need more cereal? First, I just took a box a few weeks ago. She hasn’t gone through that much at home. Second, I send ALL of her meals. All of them. Why are they feeding her extra cereal? And, finally, when are they doing this? It certainly hasn’t been recorded in any of her daily reports. Ugh. Sorry for the rant, I know I owe y’all a general day care update, and I promise to try to get to it soon.]

It’s also harder than I expected to wait around to Skype with Husband and Baby. It’s the highlight of my day, but Husband is running around at home doing everything by himself. So, I feel a little ‘squeezed in’ and wish I had more (quality) time during those calls. I understand it completely. I just with I had more time.

It’s definitely a delicate balance. There are ups. There are downs. I know all parents deal with their own set of issues, and everyone has to find just the right way to juggle it all and make it work within their own family.

One thing I know for sure is this: I will be holding Baby a little tighter and for a little longer when I get home tonight. And every night between now and my next trip (which will be on Sunday).

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  1. Sounds like it is all working out fine. You will have everything sorted out before you know it.

  2. I would be frustrated with the daycare issues too! I bet it's kinda nice to have a few days to yourself, but from my own experience as well as from what you write that it's tough too! :) Hang in there!

  3. I was so terrified when I first left my kids alone for a weekend trip. It was for a conference with our church...everyone kept asking if I was okay. I was so okay I made them promise not to tell my family that I never homesick. lol Time away can be wonderful. Following from WMW.

  4. Daycare is a tough one to sort out but it all will come out in the end. Enjoy that baby tonight!

    Hopping in from Tuesday's hops and now following. Would love for you to visit if you have time.

  5. I haven't been on a trip yet since J was born, but I would just kill for a one or two night business trip and a king size bed, Indian takeout, and HBO.

    And I love our daycare but we still have issues. More with the state compliance requirements than anything (we had to provide a note from our doctor for them to not give juice).

    Enjoy squeezing your baby tonight!

  6. Those trips can be tough!! I am glad you got some time alone, I think the time alone is great to recharge and be super mom when you return!!

  7. oh, you're doing awesome!! it can be so so so hard. i know how you feel when you feel that Hubby is doing so much while you're gone. i was gone from 8am - 7pm today and i felt so bad... in fact, i'm off to get him some ice cream!! ;)

    have a good trip home, squeeze your babe (and your hubby) and enjoy your time home!!! can't wait to hear more!