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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You know you're a working mom when ...

Julia over at Work, Wife, Mom … Life has prompted us with:

You know you’re a working mom when ….


I’m also linking up with Shell at Things I Can’t Say for another glass of Pour Your Heart Out.

Baby is currently experiencing a new phase: Separation Anxiety.

Only, right now, it’s more like Separation Anxiety meets Double Ear Infection meets Coughing/Sore Throat/Sneezing Cold meets Teething. Again.

Her new ‘favorite pastime’ is a game we call pick-me-up-no-put-me-down-no-hold-me-no-not-that-way-waaaaaaah!

And, it is … exhausting.

You know you’re a working mom when … you drop your snotty-nosed, cranky child off at day care even when you know you’ll be called to pick her up within a couple of hours. You’ve had her at home for the last 2 business days, and you MUST get SOME work done.

I feel terrible about this fact. Husband says I should get over it, but I can’t. He says that is what we pay the day care for, but it bugs me. I hate leaving my child at all, especially when she doesn’t feel well. But the truth is …

You know you’re a working mom when … you have to suck up that emotional mommy guilt and just drop your child off for a while. After all, your job is what provides the insurance to pay for medical care for that very same sick baby girl.

What’s more is how cranky I have been. I’m not proud to admit it, but I am a little under the weather myself. Couple that with a few sleepless nights and trying to cram a day’s worth of work (which, during this busy sales season, is more like 10-12 hours instead of the typical 8) into the evenings … I’m worn out. And I wasn’t even supposed to be home this week!

You know you’re a working mom when … you’re rearranging business appointments and flights at 3:30 on a Monday morning. And, you’re a little disappointed when you realize you’ll be spending the next week dealing with suctioning runny noses, doctor’s appointments, etc. instead of sleeping blissfully alone in a king-sized bed in a quiet hotel room. And then you immediately feel guilty for that disappointment.

I’ve still managed to pull off a really productive work week. I guess I’ve always thrived when I’m ‘under the gun’ … if I don’t have that type of motivation, I tend to procrastinate. So, I’ve really been pretty efficient with my work-related responsibilities. However, I also probably need to pull it together and take a little better care of myself.

This morning I commented to Husband that I smell chlorine or something chemical-like when I inhale. He responded with a, “Maybe you should go see the doctor?”

You know you’re a working mom when … you can find time to squeeze in meetings for work, trips to the pharmacy for another round of antibiotics for baby, and even a couple hours of making baby food, but you can’t seem to find a spot on your calendar to make a doctor’s appointment for yourself. Tylenol and coffee. That’s my self-prescribed remedy.

In any case, despite what seems to have evolved into a self-pitying soap box of a blog post, I do have a legitimate question for moms everywhere … do you have any advice or suggestions on how to modify a baby’s sleeping cycle? Not naps, but at night.

Baby currently sleeps from about 6:00 pm until 5:00 am (with a couple of feedings during that timeframe). We’ve tried – unsuccessfully – to switch her to just one hour later, making her bedtime 7:00 pm. However, we can’t seem to get her to last that long in the evenings!

If we could get her on a more reasonable bed time schedule, I’m thinking that times like this (i.e., when she’s sick and sleeping fitfully at night) might not be quite as difficult … you know, if we weren’t dreading her waking up at 4-something in the morning.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Pity? I’m taking it all today!

Okay, I really don't need pity. Maybe just a Sudafed-Motrin-Dayquil concoction.


  1. Totally feel you on the guilt of taking a semi-sick kid to daycare. And yesterday, when I couldn't send both my boys there, I stayed home with them, only to find out that they shared their fever with me! Stopping by from WMW!

  2. Here from WMW - I hope you catch a break soon!!! I am guilty of dropping of my kids as well during cold and allergy season!!

  3. have you tried getting her a late nap the first day or two, so she will stay up a bit longer??

  4. It's so hard when our kids are sick- exhausts us.

    Have you tried moving her bedtime just a little bit later every day? Gradual usually works better.

  5. Hear from Pour Your Heart Out... I went from working mom {first 5 years of my son's life} to work at home mom to temporarily working out of the home mom {until the end of October} and I'm sitting here wondering how the flipping heck working moms do it.

    In my case today.... you know you're a working mom when you forget about Open House *sigh*

  6. I'm not a working mom, but MAN what a post. I'm, going to forward it to all my mommy-friends who do work! I'm sorry your little one is ill. That stinks! I do agree that you need to get yourself checked. I think all moms put our little ones' health over our own, which is not the smartest thing all the time, cause when mama ain't happy (or healthy!) nobody is! ;) Nice to *meet* you thru PYHO. Chat soon!

  7. I hope she gets to feeling better.
    As far as the sleeping thing. I have never had any success trying to take a baby off his schedule. I have just had to wait it out. (Have fun with that!)

  8. Oh we all have that "mommy-guilt" and there are days I wonder if it will ever go away! I hope you both are feeling better soon.

    I would try to just starting the bedtime routine a little later so that last hour you have her busy so she doesn't have too much time to fuss because she will focusing on the routine.

  9. I'll be joining your ranks soon and I already feel guilty that I'll be dropping my little man off everyday. Good luck and hope all of you feel better soon!

  10. Ok, I can relate to so much of this! I am actually getting ready to sleep in a King size hotel bed by myself. And I'm not feeling guilty b/c the crazy thing is I just can't sleep in hotel rooms alone. But, like you, I do my best when I'm under the gun. Do we really have a choice??

  11. oh gosh. i'm exhausting just reading this. i think you could move her bed time back 10 minutes a day until you reach 7:00. even 6:30. and sick kids are just the worst!! there's no way around it. you are MOM and you rock it best!!! so bummed you can't go on your business trip.

    keep us posted!

  12. I would honestly give anything to have a daycare to drop my semi-sick kid off at to work. This past week, he's been sick and I've been trying to work anyway and OH MAN I CAN'T DO IT ALL.