Change of plans. Again. - Baby Steps in High Heels

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Change of plans. Again.

Morning plan: Drop Baby off at day care. Work. Work. Work. Possilby with a pumpkin-flavored coffee from the new shop in town.

Change of plans: DR visit for potential allergic reaction to Baby's 3rd round of antibiotics. She's covered in a rash and has been screaming all morning.


  1. FUN, not. Make sure to get your coffee any way.

    Poor girl. I had an allergic reaction to antibiotics in June. I was miserable, I can only imagine how she feels.

  2. NOT an allergic reaction! Good news! It's a viral rash, a reaction to the infection leaving her body. Now, Baby is at day care and I'm working ...

  3. Oh no, the poor baby! Give us an update! I hope she is feeling much better now.

  4. Hope she starts doing MUCH better, very quickly! Hope your day gets better soon!