Friday Fragments! - Baby Steps in High Heels

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Fragments!

I have so many bits and pieces this week, so I’m linking up again …

Mommy's Idea

-Bad Blogger: me. I’ve been sooo busy with work that most of my posts are memes (which are still a lot of fun!). I am still reading your blogs … just not commenting as much as I’d like. I tried to keep up for a while. However, after several bouts with writing looong, thoughtful comments and then either missing the word verification or some other problem … I just kind of gave up. I'm sorry! I’ll be better about everything when work slows down next month.

-Annoyed: me. For two reasons …

First, why? WHY? Why does a doctor’s appointment for my child that ultimately takes 12 minutes (from the time the pediatrician walks in and including a flu shot and scheduling a follow-up appointment) need to be a two hour experience. Why?

Second, I know the economy is tough. Perhaps it’s also taken a toll on pharmacies. However, must they fill Baby’s prescription in a bottle twice the size of the actual amount of medicine? Seriously, have you ever tried to take one of those syringes, extract exactly 3 ml of meds, and get it into your child’s mouth? Add to that, that with the first dose, the syringe barely reaches the medicine because it’s so low in the container. What am I going to do on day 10 (after 2 doses/day)? With a sick, screaming baby in one arm no less! I wonder if the pharmacy would let me bring my own container?

-Tired: me. It’s that time of year where work is really busy. The end is in sight. Just a few more weeks of traveling and being swamped with work. But, more than being physically tired, I’m just tired of having to leave Husband and Baby every week.

-Happy: me! The weather has finally turned to ‘fall’ like conditions. In Texas, that just means that the humidity has disappeared and highs are only in the 80s, but I’ll take it! It’s perfect for hanging out with Husband & Baby, taking walks, playing outside. We’re having so much fun! (when I’m home)

-Guilty: me. Yes, I’m guilty. Guilty of actually enjoying myself when I’m away for work. Part of me feels like I shouldn’t feel guilty … then I feel guilty for thinking that way! But, I’ve been working out, reading, sleeping. Plus, I’m getting a ton of work done. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t have to worry about bottles, diapers, etc. I miss my family when I’m away, but it’s also nice to have a little time to myself.

-Excited: me. For all of the fun things coming up in the next few months … fall festivals, Thanksgiving, Baby’s First Birthday, Christmas … it’s going to be so much fun to experience all of these things with our daughter for the first time. Yes, she was here last Christmas, but let's face it: we were weeks post-partumn ... she might have been here, but was I? It's going to be fun to watch her take in all of these new experiences.

-Working: me. Now.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Don't feel guilty about enjoying your time at work!
    When I have to travel for work I put on my sad face and moan about having to leave my family behind, but inside there's a part of me that's secretly hissing a Napoleon Dynamite-inspired "yessssssssssss!"

    I love being on my own schedule and doing my own thing for a few days. By the time you get back home you're just so thankful to be there and so refreshed that you can look past the bottles and diapers and truly appreciate the togetherness. For a little while, anyway :)

    I always ended up measuring the meds out in one of those medicine spoons and then sucking it up with the syringe. It's an extra step, but less of a PITA.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. You've been a busy girl!! At least the end is in sight! Enjoy all those firsts with your baby!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi, I'm visiting from Friday Fragments. I like your fun blog. I know what you mean about the prescription bottles. They're a pain. I end up pouring out the dosage and then using the syringe.
    There's a lot of fun things to look forward to in the coming months. This is a great time of year. Have a nice weekend!

  4. Enjoy your trips! Then you come back a happy mommy!

    I love this time of year, headed into all the holidays!

  5. Hi there! I am your newest follower from the Friday blog hop!!! Lovely blog:) You can find me at

    Cute blog title. LOVE IT

  6. Oh Baby's First Christmas...special times!

    I, too, enjoy my time without my kids. I tend to get two-three weeks a year in week-long blocks when they visit with their father. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather they NOT go and I miss them like crazy, but I've learned to enjoy the time without them!

  7. first of all, don't feel guilty. i know it's hard, but getting away is what keeps us refreshed as moms. keeps us from getting totally burnt out.

    and don't worry about not commenting. i went thru a phase like that and i felt bad, but then again, i was so busy. and i just wish people would turn OFF word verification... or at least have it pop up right away

  8. Never apologize for not having enough time to comment as much as you should. I don't have as much time as I'd like either, but it doesn't mean that I don't care about my readers, etc. I seriously think there is so much hate going on in the blogosphere for people who don't return every single comment...I think that people forget that we have lives! I may have to write some sort of post about it.

  9. I don't think it's bad to feel good when you get to have some time to yourself! :)

    Can't wait to see pictures of Baby in her cat hat! :)

  10. Hello! Thanks for playing FF :)

    My suggestion on the medicine issue is to pour it into one of those little Tupperware containers, instead. Good luck with that.

    Do you SKYPE with your daughter? You could probably have a lot of fun with that--Can't you just picture playing peekaboo via webcam? :)

    I can totally relate to the blogger guilt. This weekend has helped a lot, though. I'm making the rounds and enjoying catching up with everyone. It's great to meet you :)

  11. Hello! I am your newest follower from a weekend blog hop. I would love for you to follow back at one or all three of my blogs!

    Thanks! Have a great evening!