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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WMW: What's in your bag?

Julia at Work, Wife, Mom … Life has prompted us this week with the question …

What’s in your bag?

In attempting to answer this question [yes, I know, there should be no need to “attempt” … just list the contents, right? But …], my first thought was: which bag? Purse? Computer bag? Diaper Bag? Suitcase?

I have so many bags, and I use them all on a regular basis. Fortunately, I went back and read the prompt again, and she actually just asked us to list the “Things in your purse,” so here goes …

-GPS (because I’m at a hotel, and I’d never leave it in the car overnight)
-Make up. Probably one too many lip glosses.
-Burp cloth
-4 tiny sample tubes of diaper cream the doctor prescribed for Baby (don’t worry, we filled the Rx, and it’s at home with her)
-Receipts – oh my, the receipts
-Medicine: Zyrtec, Xanax (which I’m proud to say I haven’t taken since that first business trip in August. But you never know, so I keep it with me!)
-Hand sanitizer. Lots of it.
-Business Cards
-My Hilton Honors card. I got downgraded to Gold when I stopped traveling for a while during my pregnancy. Oh, how I miss the Diamond status.
-Pens (let’s hope I pull out the pen and not the diaper cream during my meetings today!)
-Loose change. My (designer) wallet sucks. Probably because I got it at the Outlets, but the change part does not stay closed.
-Misc: A packet of splenda, a contact case, random coupons that we didn’t use at Costco last weekend, and a paperclip

Funny, but it seems that the contents of my purse are much more telling than I would have initially thought. It’s a pretty decent glance into the contents of my life. Who would have thought? What’s in your bag? Tell us and link up!


  1. Contents of your purse are telling!
    In the side pocket:
    Cell Phone, Business cards in case, lip balm, pressed powder, flash drive, dental floss, perfume atomizer, granola bar, lipstick, keys
    In the main compartment:
    Small wallet for money, license, credit card, debit card, insurance card and triple A card. Large wallet for checkbook and any other cards and receipts. Small day planner(despite PDA cell phone) for taking notes and making lists. Amazon Kindle, loose change, sunglasses with case. I guess that's not a lot of stuff considering I'm a working mom.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Ahh, receipts!!! Why can't I throw them away?

  3. Ditto on the receipts! They are everywhere in my purse. Visiting from WMW!

  4. I am scared of what all is in my purse! I have my coupon folder, coupon holder (yep I have both!), wallet, reusable bags (if I don't have them in my purse I forget about them), four lip balms (slight addiction there), too many pens that I am sure don't work anymore, business cards, hand sanitizer, lotions, a container of baby snacks, and too many receipts to admit to.

  5. How funny! I just unloaded my purse yesterday, so I actually only have my wallet, an envelope with some cash that I need to take to the bank, and that's about it. But before I unloaded it, I had crayons, safety pin, pens, receipts, girl things, and some business cards...for a different business! :)

  6. i keep receipts in my wallet and every weekend empty them out. womens purses always have the most random stuff.. then hubby asks to put his keys in it or something. might as well have a suitcase.

  7. Receipts drive me CRAZY!!!! I don't like throwing them out though either. Isn't it interesting what we can tell by the contents of our purse?