PINT: Questions - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

PINT: Questions

[And, I really am sorry for the rant. But, man-o-man, that doctor's appointment was just shy of a nightmare. My normally happy, good natured, smiling girl literally threw a two hour tantrum. And that doctor's office had next to nothing in terms of distraction and/or entertainment ... but we survived!]

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  1. Oh yeah I would have been angry too. That is ridiculous, but let you be 5 minutes late and they have already filled your spot grrr

  2. Oh I am so sorry, I remember those days. My daughter is now seven but I never really transitioned I just stopped using bottles when she turned one...but we didn't have the poor ear issues your baby has. I say you should probably find a new ENT doctor. You are in my prayers=)

  3. Oh man I am so sorry...I feel your pain...I think I would find a new ENT doctor....

  4. Shouldn't they be transitioning her to the nap mat??? Seems to me, if that's what they require her to do, then they should do the transitioning.

    Her being happy to play with kids her age with help you with the transition :D

  5. That doctor would seriously anger me, too! You would think there would be a bunch more stuff thee for kids if they have to wait!

    Kids usually transition easier than you think. Is the daycare helping with using a mat?

  6. I would introduce the mat at home to ease the transition. That doctor's office would seriously tick me off though!

  7. Sounds like you may have paid a visit to our ENT! Monkey had tubes put in July of this year and hasn't had an ear infection since. A very simple procedure and so worth it! As for the bottle vs sippy cup can I just say if you find the magic fix let me know. Monkey is still drinking from a bottle but it has become kind of a comfort thing for her and I guess when your kid has had cancer drinking from a bottle at 22 months really isn't the worst thing in the world! ;-)

  8. Don't know about tubes, I'm sorry. As for nap mats our daycare transitioned my son themselves and I think there were days he didn't nap but I didn't sweat it too much. Makes for a cranky boy at home but we deal. (ugh) as for sippy cups I bought the cups that don't have stoppers for the first round, because he couldn't suck the liquid out. Then after a few months I got the cups with stoppers as his sucking action increased a good bit. Also there are cups you can get that have detachable stoppers that don't cause the cup to leak. Now we are working on a regular cup, we bought small dixie cups and fill a little milk or juice and with guidance he sips out of them. Good luck!

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  10. Not sure how to transition her, but as far as the sippy cups, I would start out with the ones with the soft plastic (that are almost exactly like a bottle, only shaped a little different) and then once she figures those out, then move onto the hard plastic. The soft plastic kind can spill once they are bigger and have the hang of them. (But not for a while...)

    As for the ped's I hate those offices! You would think they would have some toys, or something in there, but they don't. Not even books usually which is so silly! Sorry it was horrible! Hope the tubes help!

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  12. That sounds like a nightmare. Sippy cups are hard, aren't they? Nuk makes one that's kinda almost like a bottle, with a long plastic nipple-esque spout. That was the one we used to transition tori.

    Good luck.

  13. I had no luck with the NUBY or Nuk sippies with silicone tops. They leaked horribly. We use the basic plastic Playtex...that's what she played with (water in it while she was seated in high chair), and easily transitioned to it. I tried several fancy cups with no luck. By the way, no such think as a "no leak" sippy, but Playtex has minimal leaking. Good luck!

  14. I have a one year old little brother and our way of transitioning him was to let him drink from "big boy cops" like his big sisters and mommy and daddy. No lid, and there was a lot of we shirts all around but he drinks from one of those most of the time now. Then, we went to a big boy cup with a straw and he loves that as well! Before we knew it, we could put something in a sippy cup and it was gone.

    Good luck with the nap mat training. I would let her go pick out a nap mat or look at them with her online so that she will like it and want to sleep on it. Then, put it in her crib/bed with her when she sleeps so she is already used to sleeping on it. :)

    Hope some of this helps. :)