Halloween = Mom Fail - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween = Mom Fail

Despite my grandiose notions of Baby’s first Halloween being fabulous, full of visits pumpkin patches and fall festivals, adorable costumes, loads of fun, well … let’s just say that things like ear infections, allergies, and seemingly black eyes had other plans in store for our little family.

To be fair, I should acknowledge that I bought at least a half dozen Halloween onsies for this fun holiday, and I’ve been dressing Baby in them ALL month. What can I say? The “I’m batty for daddy” one was just too cute to only be worn once.

Unfortunately, that’s about all that has gone according to our haunted plan. As much as I desperately tried to visit a pumpkin patch every. single. weekend. in October … it just never seemed to work out. So, I decided to be ultra-efficient and cram every little possible Halloween activity into the last weekend of the month.


Except, when I picked Baby up from day care on Friday afternoon, her eyes were green and goopy. They told me that her eyes had been completely sealed shut after her afternoon nap. (Thanks for calling to tell me earlier in the day … but that’s a story for another time).

So, of course, we make another doctor’s appointment. For Saturday morning. We wake up on Saturday morning, and it looks like Baby has two black eyes. There are dark circles under each one, but no goop! Another morning blown at the doctor and probably our fifth co-pay (this month) later tells us, of course, that it’s just the continuation of her ongoing ear infection. Begin week seven. (We’re seeing the ENT today.)

Okay, okay, I’m thinking … all is not lost. Baby is already in a better mood. Her eyes are starting to clear up, so we’ll just push the festivities to Sunday. She’ll be in costume anyway. The super cute white Bengal tiger costume that I ordered at the last minute was due to arrive that day. Note – I did plan ahead. We also had a ladybug and a butterfly costume, but I just had to order the tiger when Baby learned to respond with a very cute growl when asked, “What does a tiger say?”

But, of course, we missed the delivery of the costume. Now, it’s scheduled to arrive today. Monday. The day after Halloween. But, you can bet she’ll be dressed in it all month. I paid more for the dang shipping than the costume itself.

Husband’s allergies pretty much kept us inside all day Sunday until we ventured out around 6 pm to check out the trick-or-treaters.


Except that we were apparently an hour early for our neighborhood. So, Baby was all dressed up. As a butterfly. With black eyes. We did our best to placate her, but she wasn’t too fond of the hat part of her costume. She was already starting to reach her limits when the first kids appeared, so she basically got to see approximately 4 ½ kids in costumes before she promptly melted down and went to bed.

Oh well, Husband and I actually had a good time, and Baby really doesn't know the difference. I just feel like I failed my child. I couldn’t manage to get it together enough to do all the things we had planned, muchless capture very many Halloween festivities in pictures. We snapped a few of her in the butterfly costume on our kitchen floor, but she’s so mobile now that most are of her back or her profile.

I have to say, though, that she made one extremely cute butterfly.


  1. She does look so cute! and she'll have the pics to prove she dressed up. That definitely counts for a lot!

    Hope the appointment goes well today.

  2. She is super cute! And yes, the first halloween pictures I have of Marlee are more of her backside too!

    You didn't fail, and next year will be WAY more fun anyways! She will actually know what is going on a lot more, or at least be excited to do things! :)

  3. She is still adorable. Hope your sickie gets better soon

  4. You know what, it's not worth forcing the young ones through all the stress when they aren't even going to remember it.

    Love her costume.

    Glad the parents had fun.

    Hope the ENT can give you answers and set the healing path straight.

  5. AWW she is a cutie. I bet the Bengal Tiger one would have been even cuter. Sorry she is feeling so rough..

  6. She's adorable! And I always go through the same thing. My kids are almost 2 and 4 and I didn't even get them a pumpkin this year. I always have to remind myself that they are so forgiving and so much more likely to remember all that you did do!

  7. Oh my she is by far the prettiest butterfly I have ever seen!
    I miss Halloween! My kids are all old now, and we live so far out in the country that trick-or-treaters are a thing of the past. Next year I think I'm gonna walk around just to see them. Think that people would think I'm weird, or a stalker of some sort?

  8. I disagree that you have failed.... The hardest lesson I have learned as a mother is to not sweat the small stuff. Our babies were too young to understand Halloween this year anyway. Sometimes, especially with little ones, plans have to be pushed to the side. Once you are able to let it roll off your back, you will feel so much better about everything...promise!