Prepared for tomorrow - Baby Steps in High Heels

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prepared for tomorrow

Baby gets tubes in her ears tomorrow.

I have instructions from the doctor:
-Arrive at 6 am for a 7 am procedure.
-No food or liquids after midnight.
-Bring a favorite blanket/toy/etc.
-Bring a bottle or cup for when she wakes up.
-Be prepared for her to be fussy when she wakes up.

I have washed the special blanket and toy.

I even purchased a special pair of pajamas. (Do you know how hard it is to find two-piece footed pajamas in any size larger than 6/9 months?! Hopefully they’ll fit!)

I have even been telling Baby all week about everything that’s going to happen. She probably doesn’t understand, but maybe she does.

As for me, I have my big girl face. It’s packed away in my purse. I’ll pull it out first thing in the morning. And I’ll put it on right over all of my mama-fear.

I know I shouldn’t be nervous. It’s just a simple procedure. It’s routine. It’s quick. Easy.

And even though I have my worries, I won’t let Baby know. Nope. All she will know is that mom and dad are right there for her. And that she is safe. And that everything will be okay. And that we love her.


  1. We did this last March with McKenna - she was 3. She also had her adenoids and tonsils out at the same time.

    Once the fussiness passes, she will be a brand new child! I promise :)

    You'll do great, but if I can make one suggestion, if they ask for one of the parents to go to the Recovery Room to be with her, send your husband.

    McKenna didn't come out of the anesthesia well and I didn't know what to expect. She would have scaled the ceiling if she wasn't connected to so many cords. She was so scared and confused and doped up she didn't even recognize me. I couldn't take it and walked out sobbing and My Husband had to go in. He's stronger.

  2. I will be thinking of you all tomorrow morning. I bet they won't even make her wear a gown! ;-)

    Many hugs and good thoughts being sent your way. xxoo

  3. I have faith it will go well. I have to agree with Jenn though. If you aren't sure how strong you can be for her, send husband in at first. He can send for you when the confusion wears off.

    Don't fool yourself, you have every right to be nervous. I don't know a mother who wouldn't be.

    Prayers for the doctors, nurses, and your family.

  4. praying for you and her hun... she will be fine

  5. Good luck... I'll be thinking about y'all!