Caution: Shortening may burn your house down. - Baby Steps in High Heels

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Caution: Shortening may burn your house down.

So, my house is still intact. I didn’t even spark a flame. But, imagine my surprise when I read that caution statement to that effect on the box of shortening this morning. I mean, if this stuff could ignite a flame, should I really be putting it in my body???

The answer … heck, yeah! The reason … “super easy” no-bake oreo truffles.

You heard me!

When I saw this recipe on Brandi’s blog a few days ago, I knew I had to try it out myself. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m not much of a baker (read: I’d never used shortening until this morning).

I rushed right out and bought all the ingredients to make these truffles. How hard could it be? There is NO BAKING INVOLVED!!! Now, that’s my kind of baking!

Problem #1 – I don’t own a food processor (much less one of those fancy mixers). I did until last week when I realized it no longer worked.

Problem #2 – My blender kinda sucks. It’s great for pureeing Baby’s food, but to grind oreos until they’re like coffee grounds … let’s just say, it was a process.

Problem #3 – My hand-held mixer is great, but I clearly don’t know how to use it. Or I don’t have the muscle to take on cream cheese. (Note to self: soften it first next time).

Once I tackled each of those obstacles, I was golden.


Until it came time for actually coating the mixture in chocolate.

Mix chocolate chips with shortening. It doesn’t sound too difficult.

But I’m the genius who decided that perhaps I should kill the heat. I have an electric oven, and I didn’t want anything to burn … especially since I had somehow miraculously managed not to set fire to my kitchen yet.

Seconds later, I was dealing with clumpy chocolate. And, apparently, reheating it doesn’t exactly provide for the same consistency.

The positive side to this whole story is that I have an entire batch of tasty, albeit ugly, truffles that I couldn’t possibly burden my dear friends and family with over the holiday season.

I guess I’m just going to have to eat them all myself!

Oh, who am I kidding … they’ll all be gone approximately 4 minutes after Husband gets home from work. He's got the sweet tooth in the family.

Happy Holidays, everyone! I know kids are out of school soon, and holiday events are occurring every day of the week at this point. So, life is busy. To that end, I’ve decided I’m not actually in a blogging rut. I’m just spending my typical blogging time doing other insane things for Christmas.

Like thinking I can pull off making truffles.

P.S. Sorry, Brandi … I didn’t mean to butcher your recipe. This was just round one, though. I’m going to try again!


  1. "Baking" is a learning process :D

  2. I was going to try those too, but I know I'm not worthy. At least you tried!

  3. That sounds like the gift that keeps on giving! Yum!

  4. Ok whole lot simpler method for chocolate covering is buy chips and Gulf Wax, put the chips in a pan that is small enough to sit inside another pan with water in it ( double boiler) shave some wax into the chocolate slowly and as it melts mix well. This will thin down the chocolate for dipping and still allow it to harden back up without all the fat of shortening..

  5. Ha, that cracks me up! Mine at the end looked like that, I also turned down the heat, hoping not to burn the chocolate and then had lumpy chocolate for the last 20 or so too! At least if it's for you, it doesn't matter what they look like and they still taste yummy! :) So glad you liked them! :)

  6. Such a cryin' shame, having to eat them all yourself. I like cake balls better than oreo truffles, but it's still a chocolate coating thing...

  7. For those interested - I think the ones with the white chocolate coating taste more like actual oreos. It takes a bit more since the oreo filling is so dark in color. BUT, in a random stroke of genius, I realized this morning that I could just use red and green food coloring with the white chocolate chips to darken them up a bit. Round two, here I come!