Christmas - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, December 27, 2010


It's been a week since I blogged last, and, to be honest, I'm still a bit on overload. So many things have happened over the last several days, many that would make for a great story or funny post. But it's all just too much to wrap my mind around. So, I'm just going to do a quick recap ...

-Baby's day care was closed from Wednesday last week through the weekend. It was great spending so much time with her. It was also ... exhausting! I really don't know how the SAHMs do it. I'm sure you all settle into some sort of routine, but that kid wore us out! I think we wore her out a bit too ... Husband said she wasn't her normal clingly self this morning when he dropped her off.

-Husband and I exchanged gifts on Dec. 23 in advance of the madness that would ensue in the days to come (see below). He got me an awesome Dell Inspiron mini! And shortly after opening my very own little laptop that night, I began to compose an equally awesome blog post. It was sweet, cute, clever ... and deleted. Because I apparently didn't know how to work the thing. This is round two (5 days later). I've already hit save about a dozen times.

-Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were a whirlwind of family celebrations. We had lots of fun, saw many loved ones. And we met Baby's Christmas-Eve-Meltdown head on. In the car. For two hours. Lesson learned: Holiday madness + a stuffed church at the end of the day = mass amounts of overstimulation/frantic tantrums/unhappy campers. (I think Baby was pretty unhappy too).

-Despite all of my attempts to create tradition, especially my adamantly placed foot (read: We WILL wake up at home on Christmas morning. Baby WILL wake up in her own bed and see what Santa brought her AT HER OWN HOUSE), we didn't actually open Baby's Santa gifts until the day after Christmas. It was madness, I tell you. If only we could have racked up frequent driver miles for all the criss-crossing we did throughout the state of Texas. It turned out okay, though. I know we won't be able to get away with that next year, but we'll burn/cross/turn-and-run-away-from that bridge in about 11 months or so.

-That brings us to today. Baby is 13 months-old today. Gulp. Double gulp. I don't know how this happened. I realy don't. Somewhere in the frenzied midst of sippy cup battles and table food wars, my teeny, tiny little girl that was swaddled until she was 8-months-old just grew into size-large sleep sacks. She "all of a sudden" has a vocabulary of a handful of words and about a dozen animal sounds. She, practically overnight, learned the meaning of the word "no" ... and also how to ignore that word when her mama says it. Somehow my baby has become a toddler. Gulp. Double gulp.

Fortunately, our family Christmas celebrations are not yet over. So I can simply deny this reality and bury myself in additional gift buying, cookie baking, etc.
Whether you're still celebrating or simply sitting back and enjoying memories of these last few days, I hope you had a Merry Christmas filled with lots of love and happiness.


  1. What a busy, busy time of the year! Hope you enjoyed it with your toddler!

  2. I didn't realize she was so many words and recognizable sounds! Eli has always been chatty and vocal, but his only real words/sounds are mama and dada.

  3. It's an Emerson 12-bottle wine cooler. The model number is FR966T. We got it on Black Friday for $79.

  4. Glad you had a fantastic Christmas! It was a whirl wind for us too!