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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just so we're clear

Dear Sweet Baby-of-Mine,

I know it’s rough. First it was the time change. Then, we were up extra early to take you for your ear tubes procedure. Then the holidays hit. This week you started a new day care.

It’s a lot to handle in one short (er …. looooong) month.

I get it. I do. Your schedule has been thrown out the window. And stomped on.

But, none of these are reasons to wake up at 5 a.m. Or 4:30. Or even 6:00.

None of them.

Remember the glorious month of October? When you slept from 7 p.m. straight through until 7 a.m.? Remember those times?

It’s amazing how such a short stretch of peaceful nights can completely throw a mama off her game. It’s funny how quickly we adjust to sleeping through the night and how hard it is to revert back to sleep deprivation.

But, please, please, please … give your parents a break! We love you. We’re excited to see you first thing in the morning, too.

BUT. But, let’s just go ahead and define ‘first thing in the morning’ so that we’re all clear here.

The official definition of ‘first thing in the morning’ (according to our family) is NOT before the sun comes up. It is NOT before my alarm goes off. It is most especially NOT before your father’s alarm goes off (an entire hour earlier than mine).

Rather, it is more like 7:00 a.m. That’s a good time to aim for …

Or really, any time after I’ve had my morning coffee. After I’ve pried my eyes open adjusted to the fact that lights are on before the sun has even begun to peak over the horizon.

Most importantly, my dear, sweet child, ‘first thing in the morning’ should never include massive dirty diapers or anything else that requires us to turn on the bright, unnecessary overhead light (which then fully wakes you up for the rest of the morning).

Your Devoted/Exhausted Mama


  1. Okay, I suggest a dim desk lamp near the changing table/are.

    Are her naps out of sorts at daycare, maybe longer? That could contribute to not sleeping as long at night.

  2. I like to turn on the bathroom light across the hall for those late/early diaper changes. Just enough light to see, but not enough to fully wake up either one of us! Hang in there - sleep schedule will change again (hopefully for the better).

  3. I definitely suggest a dimmer for her bedroom, but I think you are right, once she is up, she is up. Although usually I bring my little one into our nice dark room and cozy him up between us and he gets a little more shut-eye. Oh heaven, and he looks the cutest snoring away between us.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! We do have a dim lamp, but sometimes those diapers ... well, you know.

  5. I agree, no mom should have to manage a dirty diaper situation first thing in the morning!! Hope the routine gets back to normal soon!!

  6. Yeah, morning definitely starts after the sun comes up.

  7. Marlee has just now started sleeping til 6:45, and it's throwing us off our game! She was also waking up at 5, or sometimes 4:30 but now she's sleeping "late" and it throws me off! :)

    I feel for ya! I hope it gets better soon!

  8. Aw, you make me excited to have kids (someday). I can feel the love through the exasperation. Hang in there!

  9. Oh how I hate getting up in the morning. I am not a morning person, I like to sleep in, but every day I have to get up at 5 for work. OK well not every day...just Monday - Friday. Weekends I try to sleep in, but nope my cutest little puppy wants to wake up just like we do every other day of the week.
    But the bright lights first thing is enough to make you gouge your eyes out.