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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!

It seems everybody is talking about their favorite things this holiday season … so here are some of mine …

-La Crema Pinot Noir
-Coffee! Specifically, Autumn Harvest k-cups for the Keurig and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks
-Anything Jasmine Vanilla from Bath & Body Works
-Salt & Vinegar potato chips
-Pedicures, massages, and other day spa fun
-Colegate Wisp disposable toothbrushes. Seriously, every mom should store up on these.
-The Gap long sleeved favorite crewneck. LOVE it! So comfy, and thanks to Cyber Monday, I got one in chocolate brown for a steal. Now just wishing I had ordered it in every color!
-SHOES! Right now, I am living in a pair of knee-high, flat soled, black boots that I bought last year. Super comfy, still cute, but practical for those times I’m carrying around Baby (i.e., every second I’m not at work).
-Books. I love to read all different genres, but I’m currently in need of a copy of The Great Gatsby, one of my all time favs. Can you believe I’ve never actually owned a copy?

And a few kid-related things that I also love …
-The Children’s Place.
-Zulily! If you don’t shop Zulily, sign up today!
-Cheerios. I eat honey nut cheerios almost daily, and I’m now loving the plain ones. It might be the only ‘real’ food that Baby is willing to pick up with her own fingers and feed to herself.
-Mabel’s Labels! They’re awesome! I put these on Baby’s bottles and dishes back in September, and they’re still showing no sign of wear and tear. It definitely makes my life easier not to have to continuously label everything that goes to day care. There are some teeny-tiny ones that fit perfectly on her pacifiers, too!
-Baby’s new Britax Marathon convertible car seat. Had I known then what I know now, we would have moved up months ago. It’s so, so easy to use. And the best part? Baby no longer screams or flails in wild tantrums when I put her in the car!

What are some of your favorite things?

*I have not been asked to endorse any of these products ... I just love them! :)


  1. I love books, I love Bath & Body Works, I love boots!

  2. Books, books and more books. Holiday scented candles. Pumpkin Pie. Wrapping my son's gifts. My tree, named Coco this year. All the twinkly lights everywhere.

  3. A great car seat makes all the difference.

    My absolute favorite things are sincere smiles and laughter.

  4. Yay for finding a good car seat! Car seat battles are never fun.

  5. I love books too, and fabric! :)

    For kids, I am loving craft supplies! :) And hand made things! :)

  6. I hear you on the car seat thing! We got Monkey a Recaro car seat and it has been the best thing ever. If I had only known that three kids ago!

    Mmmmmm Salt & Vinegar! YumYumYum!