Tis the season … for chaos. - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis the season … for chaos.

I’m twice as tired and half as organized as I used to be.

I find myself using that phrase on a regular basis these days.

I used to knock out things like thank you cards and Christmas cards in an hour flat. And early, too. Like … thank you cards were mailed out the day after an event.

Not so much anymore. I don’t know whether to blame the busy holiday season this year or just motherhood. Somehow, I have a sneaking suspicion it’s more of the latter.

I have been somewhat organized. I did address/stamp/stuff almost all of my Christmas cards two weeks ago.

Yesterday I found a stack sitting on my kitchen counter. [Note: Husband is a neat freak. Our counters are not cluttered. I don’t know how I missed this STACK of cards.]

Somehow I had sent out one half in the mail, but not the other half. Don’t ask. I have no answer. No clue as to why I’d leave a stack of perfectly addressed/stamped/stuffed cards just sitting there.

I’ve also been relatively organized when it comes to gift shopping. I’ve been putting things together since sometime in November, maybe even as early as mid-October. But it never fails that I still end up with a list of last minute gifts, wrapping supplies, etc. the week before Christmas.

I should have seen this coming when it took us a week to decorate the tree. The fact that we bought it at a local hardware store (which, sadly, has become a tradition in our family) instead of gearing up for a trip to the tree farm should have been the first clue. We did manage to half-hazardly throw up a couple of strands of lights the morning of Baby’s birthday party, but it took days before any ornaments appeared.

I made dozens of delicious oreo truffles last week that could be refrigerated and kept for Christmas. Um. Well, I think we have 6 (individual, not dozen) left. Which means …. That’s right. Another last minute item added to my To Do list this week: whip up another batch of those truffles. I’m guessing it will have to be really last minute so they actually make it to our holiday celebrations intact and not just on my hips.

Fortunately, I’ve put together a trusty spreadsheet for our family visiting schedule, so we’re golden on that front!

Is it motherhood? Is this holiday season particularly hectic? Or, is it just me?

Again, I’m guessing it’s probably the latter.

Oh well, thank goodness coffee and wine are in abundance this time of year!


  1. Tis the season! ;-)

    Try not to be too hard on yourself and remember just enjoy the moments with Baby. They grow up so fast!

  2. Okay here's a tip on the truffles...use a double steamer for the chocolate...if you don't have one (i don't) use a small pan of water, and put your chocolate chips in a bigger pan over the top of your smaller pan. It will melt the chocolate but not burn. Or if you are like me and that makes no sense to you, make sure you have two bags of choc chips so when the first batch of choc starts burning (after about 1/2 the truffles are covered) then you can throw it away, and start with the second round of choc which will get the last 1/2 of the truffles done! LOL :)

    Have a Merry Christmas! And I hope you get all of your stuff done! :)

  3. Lack of sleep. That's my story and I am sticking to it...

  4. Good luck girl! Motherhood can certainly make things a little more chaotic! It will get better though!

  5. It's motherhood. For sure. If I don't have things like, oh say, birthdays, in my calendar ON MY COMPUTER WHERE I MUST LOOK AT IT. They are completely forgotten. Not because I don't know when the birthday is but because I rarely know what DAY it is anymore.