Resolutions? - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Resolutions seem to have invaded the blogosphere. Everyone is sharing their goals, their hopes, their dreams for the coming year. But I’ve resisted.

Why? Perhaps because there are so many things I want to do or change or experience in the coming year that it’s hard to put it all into words. The simple stuff that I know will come anyway – surviving sippy cup wars and table food battles. The more complex and emotional goals of being a better, more present/focused mother and wife.

There are hundreds of tiny goals that revolve around motherhood and life in general. How could I really condense it all into a simple New Year’s Resolution?

Truth be told, I’ve never really been one for making resolutions. I rank them right up there with ‘starting the diet/exercise regiment/etc. on Monday’ plans.

They’re good in theory, but there is rarely long term follow through. At least not in my world. I do better to make a plan, implement it in a realistic time frame in my life, and just see how it goes.

I don’t meant to be a drag, and I certainly wish everyone the best with their own resolutions. I just have a different sort of plan.

I’m going to try monthly objectives. Starting fresh every month with a new goal or objective, something to focus on and incorporate into my life ... hopefully on a long term basis.

The way I see it … if I do fail, it should at least feel less disappointing come week 4 of the month as opposed to that sinking feeling we all get in November when we realize that an entire year has gone by without success. [I write this paragraph mostly tongue in cheek, but with a bit of sincerity, too.]

The objectives will have multiple parts, a kind of ‘eat, pray, love’ approach, if you will. Or mind, body, and soul, if you prefer a less gimmicky angle. Although, I’m not sure that’s really much less gimmicky.

Objectives for January:

Eat/Body: Drink more water. It’s a simple goal, but something I’ve allowed to lose importance in my day to day life. And I’m pushing 30 here folks, so hydration is going to be key to long term skin care (aka, any chance I have to not become shriveled up and creepy looking given that I refuse to stay out of the sun). I should also probably try to take a vitamin every day, but perhaps I’ll push this one to February. One thing at a time.

Pray/Soul: I pray. A lot. But mostly for things I want/need, like the safety and happiness of my family, especially Baby. I have allowed my prayers to become repetitive, though, so my goal in this area for January is to be more present in prayer and not simply repeat the same thing day after day. And to maybe throw in a bit more gratitude instead of just being so whiny all the time.

Love/Mind: [At first, I wasn’t really sure that the Love/Mind categories really matched up well, and I considered separating them into two different goals. But, let’s face it, I’m already pushing it with 3 different objectives. Add in a fourth, and you can pretty much just stamp FAIL onto this whole shebang.]

So, Love/Mind: Here, I’m going to focus on Baby. My plan is to use my MIND to remember that her defiance and boundary pushing and other frustrating ways are all a means to learn, and grow, and develop. When she spits/throws food in my face at every single meal, she is watching my reaction and learning from it. When she continues to explore something after I’ve told her NO, I have to use my MIND and remember to still enforce the boundary but acknowledge/praise her persistence/endurance/curiosity/etc.

And, if I can channel the powers of my MIND and remember to do these things, then LOVE will flow easily and endlessly.

Right? Or am I delusional?

Who knows? It all sounds pretty on paper. I’ll let you know next month how it all plays out ….

And, if you’ve stuck with me through all of my ramblings today, [a heartfelt thanks to you!] I apologize for completely contradicting myself. As it turns out, I guess I do make resolutions after all …


  1. I think it's a great idea to focus on shorter term goals.

  2. OK talk to me about the vitamin thing.. not a handful of pills, more power in it cause it gets digested unlike a pill and put to use..also go look into the gratitude meme I am doing this month. Every day post something I am grateful for. I think we all fall short on praying and I am attempting to do it right as well and look beyond my 4 walls.

  3. They may be resolutions, but you are attacking them in a way many do not. My guess you will succeed at more :d

  4. Good luck with your goals! I like the monthly goals too...although I did more of a longer random yearly post when I did mine! :)

    It def. is hard to remember that they are learning from you and your reactions! I had a moment like that today with Marlee.