February 2011 - Baby Steps in High Heels

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mama Meltdown

8:49 AM 7
Mama Meltdown
No, I did not shed a single tear.

I didn’t.

Not in public.

At least, not on the outside.

On the inside, however, this mama was a melting down mess.


Because my “baby” is growing up.

Yes, I realize that everyone else has known this all along. I am also willing to admit to some
deliberate denial on my part. She’s my baby after all.

But this week, Baby needed some new clothes. It’s February in Texas, which means that summer is just weeks away. Baby needed some non-winter clothes to handle our 80-degree afternoon temperatures.

So, I made my way to the usual spot in my usual store. The same spot that I’ve been shopping for over a year. There were some really cute items. I found a few that I wanted to get and started searching for the right size.


The sizes stopped before I got to one that would be big enough.

Gasp. Again.

Okay, and maybe again and again.

I had to move over to the next section of the store. The one for … older kids.

No, I didn’t melt down in public.

At least not so anyone could see.

But on the inside, I was definitely freaking out a little.

Okay, a lot.

Fortunately, a little retail therapy helped me find some composure.

And a few cute outfits for my sweet BABY.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A letter

7:36 AM 6
A letter

Dear God,

Listen, you know I’m one of your biggest fans. And, I do my best not to question your ways. In fact, although I’m often curious, I absolutely have complete faith in all that you do.

But here’s the thing.

And I know I’m no expert.


But, maybe … just maybe … it might be beneficial to program babies for holidays and the occasional weekend? Let them know they don't have to be up at the crack of dawn (or earlier)?

Just a thought.

I’d be grateful if you’d consider it.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


8:11 PM 5
Baby’s Rule: When you accidentally drop/spill something, the appropriate response is … uh-oh. Similarly, when you intentionally drop/spill/throw something, the appropriate response is also … uh-oh.

For example, when Baby is too wobbly to walk while holding the 4 items in her hands that she insists on carrying and subsequently falls, dropping everything to the ground, she says … uh-oh.

Or, when she tosses bath toys over the side of the tub, she says … uh-oh!

Or, when she holds her (recently and defiantly removed) bib or bites of unwanted food over the side of her high chair tray, drops them to the ground, and giggles maniacally, she also says … uh-oh.

To that end, tonight this mama is subscribing to Baby’s Rule. By that I mean, every time I spill wine down my throat, I say … uh-oh.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet, screaming baby

5:28 PM 7
Sweet, screaming baby

2:21 am - Baby stirs

2:23 am – Baby launches into an all out wail

2:24 am – Husband has a bottle for her, and I’m changing her diaper

2:27 am – Baby is back down, as per our usual clockwork.

2:28 am – Baby launches into an all out wail

We repeat this cycle for roughly 90 minutes.

5:40 am – I’m up and out the door for an early flight to West Texas for work.

Thank God for strong coffee and a good husband. Or is it … a strong husband and good coffee?

Either way, I’m lucky enough to have all of these. As well as a beautiful baby girl who woke up smiling and happy. And completely oblivious to her parents’ exhaustion.

I’m thinking … maybe she was just reeeeallly excited for today. So, when she woke up in the middle of the night, she just had to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

But if that’s the case, I’m gonna have to get that girl a blog of her own. Enough of this trying to yell messages clear across Texas to her grandparents and other family members. Heck, it’s entirely possible that my uncle who lives in Japan might have heard her.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the real world.

Friday, February 11, 2011


8:02 AM 12

The last few weeks have been …. Well, hectic. To say the least.

And, if you’re like me, once enough time has passed, it becomes difficult to figure out just where to pick up blogging again. Right?

I could try to recap. But that runs the risk of boring y’all to tears.

I could pick up right where I am. Today. But that leaves out a lot of information.

So if you don’t mind a bit of boring, here are a few tidbits so we can all get caught up to speed …

-Baby is a walking, talking, no-no-finding, perpetual motion machine (a PMM, as dubbed by her grandparents). I still refuse to start calling her Toddler.

-I’m currently existing is a state of disbelief. In a few short weeks, Baby will be 15-months-old. WTH? Or, as my colleagues from north of the Mason Dixon line might say (completely giving me a hard time) … “WTHY” (for what the hell, y’all?). Seriously, she just turned ONE. TWELVE MONTHS. How have 3 months gone by? Already?

-Work is BUSY. Crazy, hectic, traveling all over the place (at least when the weather allows) … busy. And the prime reason for my blogging absence.

-Motherhood is STILL misspelled in my header. Don’t have a clue how to fix it and can’t get in touch with the designer (mostly my fault for lack of time). It’s kind of embarrassing. But I also kind of don’t care. Isn’t that a prime example of how chaotic motherhood can be?

-Reviews and Giveaways to come ... If CSN Stores haven’t thrown their hands up in the air, completely frustrated with my procrastination (since October!). Also, a little something from Overstock!

-Vacation Recap also to come: my insights on leaving Baby behind and why it’s both important/necessary and gut wrenchingly difficult. Pictures too!

-Publishing my Macaroni Kid newsletter is awesome! If you’re at all interested in publishing for you area, let me know. I’d love to talk to you about it more!

Hope all my blogging buddies are doing well. I have been reading, just not commenting quite as much.

For now, and probably for the next 6-8 weeks, I’m just trying to keep my head above water. Which, back here in reality, is completely different from ‘keeping my head above water’ in Jamaica. Where, you know, the sole purpose for that was to enjoy a fruity umbrella drink.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not funny.

8:24 AM 8
Not funny.
On Facebook, I started a 'petition' to have Mother Nature committed.

This goes waaaay beyond a practical joke or a twisted sense of humor. That lady is crazy.

Below freezing temps and rolling blackouts.

In Texas.


I'm cold, so I can't imagine how those of you north of here are handling this.

FYI, Mother Nature: this is NOT Canada.

If you'd like to sign my petition, please comment below.

Thanks, and stay warm.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


8:11 AM 7
Wow. It’s been a while. A whirlwind of a while.

Lots and lots of updates, and still no time to do it all justice.

The brief version:

Vacation plans almost derailed. Screaming baby + disgusting drainage from her ears (after 3 hours of screaming) had us checking our cancellation policies a mere 14
hours prior to our flight.

Doctor said she would be fine and that we should GO! One tough choice, but we did.

Vacation was awesome. White sands. Warm beaches. Swim-up bar in the pool.

Oh, and I was sick the WHOLE time.

You know you’re a parent when you realize that you’re grateful to have the cold/sinus bug from hell while on vacation … because at least you can be sick in peace and not have to change diapers or be a 24/7 bundle of joy and energy.

We returned to a smiling, grinning … STANDING UP ALL ON HER OWN FOR MINUTES AT A TIME little girl. We snuggled and played and had such a good time together. It was almost like we hadn’t been gone at all.

Back to work for both Husband and myself right away. A conference for me last weekend and on the road again this week.

Whirlwind, I tell you!

But, in all of those happenings, the most amazing part is that Baby is now WALKING!

As far as we know, she took her first real, intentional steps right in front of both of us. With all the craziness and traveling, it was so special that Husband and I were both there for this milestone moment.

Now we officially have a teetering, toddling ... BABY! Nope, I’m not ready to let go yet. Just. Can’t. Say. It. Maybe I’ll call her a toddler when she turns 2. Maybe.

I missed my blogging friends … I’m hoping to start making the rounds again this week and get caught up with everyone! (I'll try to get the pictures loaded to my computer this week so I can post a few.)