Thursday, February 17, 2011


Baby’s Rule: When you accidentally drop/spill something, the appropriate response is … uh-oh. Similarly, when you intentionally drop/spill/throw something, the appropriate response is also … uh-oh.

For example, when Baby is too wobbly to walk while holding the 4 items in her hands that she insists on carrying and subsequently falls, dropping everything to the ground, she says … uh-oh.

Or, when she tosses bath toys over the side of the tub, she says … uh-oh!

Or, when she holds her (recently and defiantly removed) bib or bites of unwanted food over the side of her high chair tray, drops them to the ground, and giggles maniacally, she also says … uh-oh.

To that end, tonight this mama is subscribing to Baby’s Rule. By that I mean, every time I spill wine down my throat, I say … uh-oh.



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