Whirlwind - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Wow. It’s been a while. A whirlwind of a while.

Lots and lots of updates, and still no time to do it all justice.

The brief version:

Vacation plans almost derailed. Screaming baby + disgusting drainage from her ears (after 3 hours of screaming) had us checking our cancellation policies a mere 14
hours prior to our flight.

Doctor said she would be fine and that we should GO! One tough choice, but we did.

Vacation was awesome. White sands. Warm beaches. Swim-up bar in the pool.

Oh, and I was sick the WHOLE time.

You know you’re a parent when you realize that you’re grateful to have the cold/sinus bug from hell while on vacation … because at least you can be sick in peace and not have to change diapers or be a 24/7 bundle of joy and energy.

We returned to a smiling, grinning … STANDING UP ALL ON HER OWN FOR MINUTES AT A TIME little girl. We snuggled and played and had such a good time together. It was almost like we hadn’t been gone at all.

Back to work for both Husband and myself right away. A conference for me last weekend and on the road again this week.

Whirlwind, I tell you!

But, in all of those happenings, the most amazing part is that Baby is now WALKING!

As far as we know, she took her first real, intentional steps right in front of both of us. With all the craziness and traveling, it was so special that Husband and I were both there for this milestone moment.

Now we officially have a teetering, toddling ... BABY! Nope, I’m not ready to let go yet. Just. Can’t. Say. It. Maybe I’ll call her a toddler when she turns 2. Maybe.

I missed my blogging friends … I’m hoping to start making the rounds again this week and get caught up with everyone! (I'll try to get the pictures loaded to my computer this week so I can post a few.)


  1. They do grow up fast! I'm hoping to appreciate this "baby" more for being a baby. I'm not really into babies and didn't appreciate the baby-stage much when Hayden was an infant. He was SO active and a but cranky and just so needy. I was tired and overwhelmed and stressed myself out too much. I am hoping with this one that I will be a bit more relaxed and easy-going. And soon enough, those first steps will come! Good luck!

  2. By two, she will practically be a preschooler, LOL

    Sounds like a wonderful place to be sick and kid free.

    I bet she waited specifically for that time to show off her new found talent ;)

  3. It sounds like a whirlwind! But a good one, minus the sickness. :)

    I haven't given up calling Monkey Baby and now she calls herself Baby. She tells me "Baby do!" all the time and I absolutely love it. She may still be calling herself Baby at 16 but I don't care because she'll always be my baby!

  4. YAY! It's so fun when they start walking! :) Next comes the talking, and that's even more fun! :)

    Glad you had fun on your trip!

  5. Welcome back!

    My youngest will be 3 in a few months and I still refer to him as the baby.

  6. Miss you too! Sorry you were sick... Hopefully not during the entire vacation??

    And YAY to Miss A! What a great milestone!