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Friday, April 1, 2011


I’m excited, because we have some very dear friends coming to visit us this weekend. Their son is almost three and Baby just turned 16-months … and, because of one or the other being sick, we’ve rescheduled and rescheduled this visit soooo many times.

It looks like we are finally going to get together this weekend. It’s just been too long!

Last night, Husband was on the phone making the final arrangements with them. They were discussing what time they might arrive and other details of the weekend.

I had asked Husband to let them know about all the things we already have so they don’t have to pack everything – extra stroller, high chair, etc.

I had asked Husband to tell them to check the traffic website, because I recalled hearing about major closures this weekend (KK – are you reading this???).

I had asked Husband to discuss some things I thought would be helpful to our friends who are driving roughly three hours to see us.

But, what did they discuss instead?


Yes. Scotch. The various kinds that we have at our house. The kinds that they will bring with them. And, then they talked about beer and wine.

But never did I hear a mention of the pack-n-play or booster seat that we already have on hand. Never did I hear Husband mention any tidbit of info I had asked him to pass along.

Can the entire blogging world – even the entire ‘real’ world – hear my huge, deep *SIGH*???



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  2. Men are fun like that. Silly boys. My husband has been known to do similar things. Annoying, silly men.

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  4. Oh isn't it amazing how that works! I have to practically stand next to Mike to hear what he remind him what he needs to say...which I am sure is super annoying to him, but if he would just remember then I wouldn't have to stand over him like a child. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. What always astonishes me is that he'll say "Oh, I didn't hear you" or "It'll be fine." Just leave the headeaches that come from not covering the details to him. Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm always amazed at what my husband "didn't" hear me say. Stopping by from Friday's hop.

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  7. Well at least you should be able to pour some great wine and the rest will fade a little :)
    Men truly have selective hearing, didn't you know that lol

  8. Hi ~ Stopping by from Friday hop.
    Hope you had a nice visit with your friends. ~Men~

  9. Very funny, and so true, although I do like scotch.

    Glad to find you on the blog hop.

  10. just found you on the blog hop! i'm your newest follower ;)) shari

  11. I hear you! I hope the weekend was fun and I hope you were able to squeeze in your info before they packed it all. :) Anyway, now following from a Friday hop. Your blog title is awesome!

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