Mother of Two - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mother of Two

No, I’m not announcing a pregnancy.

I’m also lucky enough to be one of the few women who doesn’t count my husband as a second child.

We don’t have any pets either.

So how am I suddenly a mother of two?

It’s simple. My incredibly sweet, loving, adorable little girl has an alter ego.

A body-flailing, fit-throwing, screaming, pouting, not sweet or loving or adorable personality.

Sometimes we call this alter ego Tantrum Tallulah.

Sometimes I refer to it as the growth-spurt-teething-tantrum demon.

Whatever we call it … it is most definitely NOT my child.

Except that it is!

When Baby goes into that mode, I could swear that she is a completely different child.

I’ve heard of the terrible twos, but I didn’t realize they could start 8-9 months early. At least, I hope that’s what this is … I really hope it doesn’t get any worse!

Fortunately, even following a nuclear meltdown of epic proportions, it only seems to take a second or two for her to recover and return to my sweet little girl again. She can literally go from a tantrum to a snuggle in the same breath.

And, for that, I am incredibly grateful.


  1. Omg, I think E and A are the same baby!!!

  2. It's amazing how babies can switch so quickly! Glad you're making it through! LOL

    Have a great week!

  3. I refer to it as the terrible toddlerhood

  4. Oh Mama! You have made me giggle... welcome to the world of being mom to a girl... they don't grow out of it... it just morphs as they grow older!

  5. Oh yes, the terrible 2s start really early. And aren't over until 4.

  6. think terrible 2's are gonna be bad. I promise you will wish for them again when she's a teen!

  7. My daughter is 4 and stil has melt downs...I really thought by now we would have out grown them.

    Hang in there....I am trying too

  8. She is a girl. Get used to it!

  9. I feel ya, I to have a tantrum throwing 2 year old at the moment. Love your post.

    Just awarded you with the versatile blogger award. Stop by here to check it out.