Poker face - Baby Steps in High Heels

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poker face

We used to have lofty academic goals for Baby. We dreamed that one day she might attend Harvard or Oxford, because – after all – she is the smartest baby in the world. (What parent doesn’t think that, right?)

These last few days, however, Husband and I have begun to have new career aspirations for our child. All inspired completely by her own skill set and not by our hopes and dreams.

And because of our concerted efforts to base our plans for her on her own talents, we’ve come to the realization that she is most likely to grow up to be the world’s most successful poker player. Ever.

Or a scam artist.

Ivy league education be damned. This girl is sneaky, and she has the best poker face I’ve ever seen.

At a mere 16-months-old, yesterday she sat on the floor sobbing after she took a little tumble. She was rubbing her arm like she was really hurt. The second I got to her, she started to laugh maniacally and scooted away from me.

This morning, she had Husband jumping through hoops. She would cry while still in her crib (before 6 am, mind you). As soon as he entered the room …. maniacal laughter.

Let’s be clear. We’re pretty good at deciphering her cries, a fact that she must have figured out recently. Because we’re not just catering to her ‘let me throw a tantrum or try to get attention’ cries. She’s been using her best ‘I’m hurt and I really need you’ cries for these incidents.

Oh yes, she’s a trickster. And a pretty good one at that.

At least I don’t have to worry about paying for her college tuition anymore. Even if she chooses that path, I’m sure she’ll be able to scam her way to a full scholarship all by herself.


  1. can you imagine her teen years?

  2. bwhahahah best actors ever are toddlers. They just have it all figured out once they wrap us around their finger.

  3. OK...where does she get this from?! Jennifer, I don't know Brian, but you hardly had the dramatic chops for such a production. LOL!!!

  4. You seriously crack me up! Thanks for making me laugh today! I needed it! :)

  5. @Nikki - No, it's definitely from me. ;)

  6. Oh you just wait until she is 15 and thinks she can outsmart you.