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Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm back. Maybe.

Sorry to have been MIA for such an extended period of time. And without any explanation. Life happens, I suppose, and I hadn’t exactly planned to stop blogging these last few weeks. Many, many things have been going on.

Births. Babypolooza, I call it. I know 6 babies that have been born within the last couple of weeks, a couple more planned for this week, and a couple after that this summer. Lots and lots of babies!

Deaths. Close friends have lost people they love. It is truly heart breaking to watch people you care about suffer great loss and not be able to truly comfort them.

Difficulties. Among the many births, one was especially difficult. A dear friend is still recovering, as is her sweet baby, who remains in the NICU. Please pray for them. Another difficulty of a different nature – professional issues for somebody I love very much. Watching a person who has literally given decades of their life to a job only to be put through the ringer for personal reasons is tough.

And, herein lies the problem with blogging for me. These are the things I’ve wanted to write about. These are the things that I’m currently passionate about. But they’re not my stories to tell. It’s not my place to blog publicly about other people’s private lives.

So, I’ve been quiet. I do ask for your prayers. Prayers for Baby G, that he continues to recover fully. For my friends who are desperately trying to make sense of their loss. And for somebody who means the absolute world to me, who will hopefully have a resolution to this professional mess very, very soon.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, and you’re ready for something much less vague (and assuming you’re not sick to death of my writing about day care issues), read on!


I wish I had more productive things to say. I wish I could be more insightful. I wish I had more to offer. But, really, I am just fed up. Such is the plight of the working mom, I suppose.

It’s ridiculous, though. I am so tired of my child coming home every single day with a new incident report, a new injury. It’s not that I don’t expect one-year-olds to tumble, fall, bite/hit each other, etc. I get it. It’s the age.

My problem is that there are entirely too many incident reports that cannot be explained. Too many instances where the teachers just don’t know what happened.

Although, I really do like a couple of the teachers, the ratio is just too high. Twelve unstable toddling children is too many for two teachers. Especially when one of them sits with her back to the kids when they’re on the play ground.

So, I’m obviously looking for new options. I’ve got a couple of places that are run by churches and that have been recommended to me by people I know and trust. I’m just hoping their hours will line up with what we need and that they have availability. I hate to transition Baby again, but I am really not sure what else to do.

Sorry to come back with nothing but complaints. I’ve got some fun stuff coming up, promise! Just needed to get this off my chest today.

Anyway, I'm back. Maybe. Assuming I don't pull Baby out of day care with no back up plan, I hope to be back to blogging and visiting all of you again soon!


  1. Holy smokes! Here in Wisconsin it's two teachers for 8 kids! So many times that feels like not enough, I can't imagine four more kids there!!

    We're having endless biting issues in our daycare, so I feel your pain!!

  2. I hope that it all gets A LOT better soon! How exciting to have so many births! :) I hope Baby G gets well, as well as his mother!

    As for day care-I have been going back and forth trying to figure out what I should do financially for us-to go back to work or not. Your day care problems make it super easy for me to decide! :) I hope they get better for you soon!

  3. I have faced this desire to want to write about life, but felt it was too private for others as well. I absolutely understand. I want to be blogging more right now, but I just don't have the extra energy with this third baby due today. As for day care, I wish I had words of wisdom. The only thing I can say is that my friends who use day care seem to really love finding a home day care where someone only takes a few kids maximum and those tend to be made up of just a couple families. Don't know if that is a possibility. Hope things start looking up!

  4. Sending prayers for your friend's family!

    And I hope you can find another daycare!