Monsters. - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Baby loves Cookie Monster. She’ll dance her little heart out to “C is for cookie” … she will literally stop in her tracks for this monster.

And, though she may not realize it, she also loves the Tickle Monster. She’s most ticklish on her neck and collarbone, but you can pretty much get her giggling with just a little tickle of her ribs or legs or knees or feet.

Those monsters are fun.

There are other monsters, however, that are not so fun.

The Sleep Deprivation Monster (AKA, Baby). Sure, she’s had a good 10 hours of sleep by the time 5:00 AM rolls around, but I have not!

The Please-Don’t-Ever-Put-Me-Down-I-Want-My-Mama-And-Only-My-Mama Monster. Also known as Baby. Sweet little girl that she is, she loves her mama sooo much. Honestly, I am kinda loving this monster. Most of the time. Except when I need to take care of a few simple tasks … like drink a hot cup of coffee. Or go to the bathroom. Or do anything that requires more than the use of my left hand, especially since I am right handed.

The I-Will-NOT-Go-To-Sleep-Not-Without-A-Fight Monster. Yes, this too is my child. We’re working on crying it out. And, by that, I mean … she’s crying. I’m crying. It’s not a pretty picture. I’m crossing my fingers though, because I don’t think she has yet caught on to the fact that self-induced puking will quickly get my attention. It’s only happened once. Yuck.

Then, my friends, there is the Green Eyed Monster.


This beast recently has recently reared its ugly head inside of my child, and … wow.

It is ugly.

My sweet, loving little girl transforms into a little bit of an actual monster herself. One that hits and throws tantrums and is defiant and is generally not very nice.

The trigger? Me.

Yes, she loves her mama soooo much that she does NOT. Want. To. Share.

And she is not afraid to make her opinion known. I am her mama, and only her mama. My affections are for her and her alone. Kiss her daddy, and he gets slapped. Hug her stuffed tiger, and she starts beating on him too.

Terrible Twos: You are 6 months early.

Time Outs: You are virtually ineffective.

Parenting Books: Well, when my toddler is chasing me around the house while holding
you, I’m not sure you’re much help either.

Moms in the blogging world: Thoughts? Advice? Help?


  1. This to will pass.

    You are a great mother, and you and your husband will figure out what works best for you.

  2. Hmmmm...soon she will flip, and only want Daddy for a while (or at least that's what Marlee did) and then you will long for the days of her wanting you! LOL

    The rest, well it will all go away. Hopefully sooner than later! :)