The toddler years - Baby Steps in High Heels

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The toddler years

I think we all have our fears and concerns about being mothers.

Will I be good at this?

Will I be good enough at this?

How and when and where will I know what to do? Or how to do it? Or if it is the right thing to do?

I’m sure we all have a handful (or more) of questions that linger in the back of minds.

But then something amazing happens. You baby is born and instincts kick in. You just know how to nurture that little bundle of joy. Sure there are things you have to figure out along the way – lessons you learn the hard way – but overall, the whole mothering things comes much more naturally than you ever expected.

It’s pure bliss. Only you don’t realize how blissful it is until … WAHM! The toddler years hit.

Suddenly you find yourself sitting, defeated, on the bathroom floor as your naked one-year-old runs around taunting you. She’s got your parenting book in one hand (no clue how that ended up in the bathroom!) and a dirty diaper in the other, and it’s sooo obvious that she totally owns you. She will scream bloody murder as you attempt to get her into the bathtub, then laugh maniacally as she escapes your grasp. And, instead of the shampoo, it’s this process that you rinse and repeat for the next half hour.

This is the moment when you reflect back on her infancy and yearn for those blissful days where you were actually in control. If only you had been able to appreciate a baby who not only needed you, but wanted you. If only, instead of Mozart, you had thought to send a few subliminal messages at night …. Mommy is in charge. Mommy is in control. Mommy is the boss.

Of course, you’re not really sure if you should have played those for Baby or yourself. Or both?


  1. LMBO~ she's a girl...wait until the hormones give her MOOD swings...around here the magic age seems to be 7.

  2. LOL The toddler years are definitely challenging!

  3. This post is so funny to me, mainly because I am living the craziness right now in my own home!!!! :) Hope it all gets better soon!