Grounded - Baby Steps in High Heels

Saturday, December 10, 2011


All that anxiety last week, and it turns out that I won’t even be making my business trip this week.

I’ve been grounded. By the doctor.

I thought I was battling allergies all week – how could I possibly be sick? Again?

I had some variation of a cold for literally the entire months of September and October, which finally came to an abrupt end with a steroid shot right before Halloween.

I was feeling fantastic, and I really didn’t think I could possibly get sick again.

At least not so soon.

Baby’s 2nd birthday came and went, and I silently celebrated the end of the “your child will be sick as a dog from 0-2 years while she’s in day care” phase of our lives. I was very quick to welcome the latter half of that saying: “and then she’ll never get sick again.”

Now, not even two weeks later, I’ve got yet another cold-sinus-something-or-other which has prompted the doctor to advise against my flight, which would have been Sunday night.

I got the approval from my bosses yesterday, and canceled my travel arrangements this morning. Just in time, too, because Husband and I had this conversation this afternoon as we ran a quick errand:

Me: Oh wow, my ears are popping. Ouch! That really hurts!

Husband: Well, it’s a good thing you canceled your flight, because that was only an altitude change of about 30 feet. Your ear drums would have definitely burst on a plane.

The diagnosis of an inner ear infection also explains the bouts of dizziness I had been experiencing, which, had I even survived the flight, would have made for an interesting experience – dizzy driving in the greater Los Angeles area.

So, yes, I’m definitely grounded at this point. It will make for a very busy January, with several other scheduled business trips, but that’s okay.

For now, I’ll just wait around for the amoxicillin to kick in. I wonder if a glass of wine would help it out a bit …

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  1. That stinks that you are sick! It's all going around our house too...YUCK! Mike has had it for two weeks, Marlee just got it on Friday and I am sure my turn is next weekend when I have my family in town. That's usually the way it works.

    Hope you feel better soon!