Questions - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, December 5, 2011


Baby asks a lot of questions these days.

Some of my favorites are …

What Mommy doing?

Where we going?

Even in her sleep, she indignantly asks … Where my (insert any random object) at?!

The question of this past weekend was … what raining doing?

And, recently she asked the question that I know will soon take over our lives …

Mommy, wh … wh … Mommy, WHYYYYYYYY?!?!

I don’t think she fully understands this concept just yet. She was probably just mimicking me, but still – it’s a sure sign of what is to come!


  1. Oh the wonderful why question! :) IF they go through it early, then it gets done quicker! :)

  2. Babies are very curious with their environment. That's hwy we should really take good care of them.