Here we go again ... - Baby Steps in High Heels

Friday, January 6, 2012

Here we go again ...

Next week begins yet another travel/sales season for this busy working mom. It’s always a little difficult for me to get back into the swing of things after having been home for a few months.

I used to really look forward to the travel, but these days I tend to just feel guilty about being gone.

Baby doesn’t help matters much either. She tends to give me one of two scenarios:

1-She cries: Mommy no go bye-bye. Mommy stay home. Baby go on airplane with mommy. Let’s go mommy. We go together.

2-She says: Go ‘way, Mommy! Go ‘way! I no miss you!

It's heart-breaking either way!

But, even though I didn’t make true New Year’s Resolutions this year, a big goal I have is to make peace with this part of my life. I must work. I like to work. Baby needs to see me as somebody who is confident in my choices, not riddled with guilt.

So, I’ll cross the country – Texas-California-Texas-DC-Texas before February 1st and make about a dozen other trips before May 1st.

I have managed to get the number of nights away from home down to only about 15 for the entire season, so that’s great … even if it does mean some brutally early mornings (like 4:00 a.m. wake-up calls! Yuck!).

I’m also doing a different schedule this spring that should break up the travel a bit and not be as daunting on my amazing husband who totally holds down the fort while I’m away. How many women can go away for three days, trust that their husband will follow the regular schedule for the kids, AND come home to a clean house? Not many. I’m one of the lucky few, and I won’t take it for granted!

My mantra for the spring:
King-sized hotel bed all to myself +
Six-eight continuous hours of sleep at night =
a more rested, patient mommy for Baby and wife for Husband.

I can do this!

Do you have a resolution or mantra to help you balance it all this year?


  1. You can totally do it. And the happy look on her face when you return will be a welcomed reward!

  2. if anyone can do it, you can

  3. 15 nights away isn't so bad...I know it's hard, but I love your mantra!

    I don't have a mantra...maybe "we can do this with two kids, or keep soon as he gets here. :)

  4. Good luck, and make the best of your trips!