It's official ... - Baby Steps in High Heels

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's official ...

After weeks, even months, of planning and preparing ...

Countless hours contending with tiny pieces of big toys for a special little girL

Many dollars spent (though, not too many)

Four Christmas celebrations with our large family

Gift after gift for Baby ...

She got: a kitchenette, a castle tent, a car, books, baby dolls, and more.

It’s official: her favorite new things to play with are (drum roll, please) …

Packaged mini-snickers from Husband’s stocking!

Yep. It’s what she wakes up looking for, and they’re the first thing she finds after school.

She transfers them from bowl to bowl on her kitchen stove.

She counts them and talks about the colors of the wrappers.

She hands them out to Mommy and Daddy (then promptly takes them back).

Lesson learned.


  1. Ha, its always the little things they like! Hope you had s wonderful Christmas!

  2. my kids (even the 14 yr old) still love big boxes

  3. Hey. At least she's playing with the stove. Lol