Baby Talk - Baby Steps in High Heels

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby Talk

Having been raised by a teacher, who was also raised by a teacher (who just so happened to write a grammar textbook), I’ve often thought of myself as the grammar police.

Punctuation. Eh, I’m not so good at knowing when and where to put, or not put, commas.

Proof reading. Eh, I’m much too hasty most of the time.

However, I can generally tell you the appropriate time and place to use any number of phrases. I also know the difference between there/their/they’re and your/you’re, etc.

I always swore up and down, left and right, that my child would speak correctly from the very beginning.

There would be no “Hers a good girl” or other intentionally incorrect speaking of any kind. (That stuff drives me crazy!)

Baby talk is NOT my thing.

I would be a stickler about this ... no matter what.

However ….

Now that Baby is talking ALLTHETIME, I’ve decided to make a few exceptions to the rule. And, I’m making these exceptions for no other reason than … she’s just so dang cute when she says:

“Mommy, what can MY have today?”


“Mommy put me mad! I not like it!”

Sure, in the long run, I’ll have to start teaching her the correct way to say these things.

But for now, I’ll just enjoy listening to her sweet, innocent little voice say things like, “Hold you, Mommy. Hold you,” when she wants to be held.


  1. Awe that's so cute! Marleen says some things like that too. So adorable. But I'm right there with you, it drives me crazy when others do it also.:)

  2. I like the "hold you mommy" - so sweet! I can't remember all the cute things Hayden said. I do remember him saying "Haydee do it" (and he called himself Haydee not Hayden. Haydee was easier to say I suppose. Sweet phrases!

  3. I swore the same thing, but kids say the darnedest things and how do you not love it?