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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we not only celebrate Thanksgiving in my family, but it's also Miss Mighty's 5th Birthday. I've been living in a bit of denial for the last few weeks, so she sweetly tells me that I can still rock her like a baby any time I want.

"Shhhh, Mommy. I won't tell!"

We started off our day with pumpkin pancakes and birthday cupcakes, so you can imagine the sugar high that followed. We visited Husband's family today, and they basically have all of the food covered. And then some.

So we all we had to do was show up with our meager offering of Rice Krispie treats, which we appropriately decorated with Princess Elsa colored sprinkles in honor of the birthday girl.

It was a great day filled with family, good friends, beautiful weather, and lots of fun.

Although I did post the following on Facebook early on ... "When the only thing that calms your screaming one-year-old is your five-year-old screaming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ... fun times."

Fortunately, things turned around once we arrived and the kids were able to run and play.

I love spending Thanksgiving with Husband's side of the family, and I love how easy it is to just show up without any stress. However, I also love to cook, so I'm excited that we will celebrate a second Thanksgiving this weekend.

Tomorrow, as I watch the parade (which we recorded today), I'll be making ...

-Orange Bourbon Cranberry Sauce
-Sweet Potato/Apple soup, which we garnish with a chive sour cream and bacon (yum!)
-And, of course, more Rice Krispie treats. Perhaps with Thanksgiving-colored sprinkles this time

Hope you're all having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

(And I hope you like the new bog layout!)

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