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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Countdown Complete

In the few short weeks leading up to Christmas, Husband and I often lamented how short the Christmas season seemed to be this year. Thanksgiving was so late, and we  felt the holiday festivities were very compressed. I thought for sure that we would keep the spirit alive and moving well into the new year.

But … I’m kinda over it. Sad, but true. After …

TWELVE children sponsored this year. Or was it 13? Or 14? I honestly don’t remember.

ELEVEN businesses and organizations coordinated for the Christmas Pajama Promise.

TEN days of antibiotics for The Boy – which he was thankfully already on when his class had an outbreak of Hand Foot Mouth Disease. Whew! I’ve never been more grateful for an ear infection/

NINE parents and grandparents for whom gift buying is nearly impossible.

EIGHT different festive foods assembled, cooked, baked, and delivered across county lines.

SEVEN times we forgot or nearly forgot to move Stanley the Elf this month. The stress!

SIX grocery store trips this month. At least. And another big one tomorrow to restock everything I’ve used up. And to buy healthy food, because, well … you know. Stay tuned, because I’m pretty sure there’s a clean eating New Year’s Resolution in  my very near future.

FIVE different cities/towns in 24 hours, 4 of which occurred inside of about 5 hours on Christmas Day.

FOUR family Christmas celebrations. So far.

THREE Christmas Festivals earlier this month.

TWO toys that took 6+ hours to assemble. Poor Husband, I mean, Santa.

ONE family visit still on the horizon …

And that’s in addition to the 30 bags of reindeer food and 16 teacher gifts I assembled for the kids’ school.

It’s been a wonderful whirlwind, but y’all, I’m pretty much done. I’m ready to relax, watch movies, and enjoy this pretend-winter that Central Texas is attempting to have. Will we really see snow next week?!

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