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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Flurries ...

Although I had picked out and purchased the BIG Christmas gifts for both of my kids back in September, I am still struggling with finalizing my holiday shopping lists (and with keeping everything organized!).

Which is probably why I recently posted Practical ChristmasPresents and Practical Stocking Stuffers … you know, to help finalize, organize, and just generally get my act together.

We have no less than three Christmas/winter festivals to attend this week alone (plus some that we’re skipping), so using the term ‘flurry’ is pretty accurate even if it’s unlikely to ever refer to snow in these parts of Texas.

I initially told Husband that I wanted to be finished with all of the shopping by December 1st. That did not exactly happen. I really do have a huge chunk of it completed, but I’m still working on the details.

We have been somewhat delayed in our personal shopping because we decided to sponsor a few foster kids this year. I’m so happy that we can do this again this year. However, I now have gifts for about a dozen kids scattered throughout my house. Plus the first installment of pajama donations has arrived for the Christmas Pajama Promise I have been working on.

And we have nowhere to hide gifts for our own kids! Let’s hope they don’t get too curious, because some things are really hiding in plain sight. Is that a princess board game in the middle of my folded laundry stack? Yes, yes it is. That box in the garage that Miss Mighty sits on every day when going to or from the car? It’s her gift from Santa!

I have conveniently managed to stash a few things in shopping bags at the top of my closet, but even that space is running out.

Do you have tips for staying organized at this time of year? Any special hiding places or tricks? Please share … I think the only place we have left is the bathtub!


  1. This year with no closets has been especially tricky. Now that the camper is back from College Station, I'm stashing stuff there!

    I keep all the gifts I buy throughout the year in a specific drawer. I started that after I lost a gift one year.

    I use the "Christmas" app to organize what's been bought in my phone.

  2. Um, there's an app for that? I should have known! Finding it NOW! Thanks!