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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Practical Stocking Stuffers

I love Stocking Stuffers. It’s so much fun to find little treasures to put in the kids’ stockings. These are basically bonus gifts for Christmas morning. And they’re bonus presents that I get to buy to appease my gift-buying nature when I’m really trying to scale back.

Since my kids are under age 5, they can still get excited about practical items they find in their Christmas stockings … as long as they’re the right color or have the right character. These are a few items I like to add to the fun stuff...

Socks. Pick fun colors, patterns, or characters, and you can’t go wrong.

Water bottles or sippy cups. We use the Thermos ones that are a little pricey, so this is a perfect time to pick up an extra one.

Tooth brush. They’re long and skinny and are super easy to slip right into a stocking.

Books. The early readers are skinny little books and perfect for my preschooler, the small board books are great for babies.

Movies. There are always great deals on movies right now, and the case provides a good structure for the stocking.

Necessities. Tooth paste, diaper cream, etc. are good little additions (and something you won’t have to buy next time it needs replacing).

Headbands, bows, and pony tails. No matter how many hair ties we buy, we can never seem to find one when we need it. This is a great time to stock up.

Of course, I always add fun items as well. However, since we celebrate Christmas at least FOUR separate times, my kids have typically received plenty of gifts by Christmas morning. A few practical items to stuff their stockings doesn’t hurt anything.

Do you have any practical suggestions for stocking stuffers?

Happy Stuffing! 

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