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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thank You

I was born and raised writing Thank You cards. I’ve always written them. For everything. And I’ve always been complimented for how quickly I send them out. My momma raised me right.

Except ….

I recently found a stack of cards that I wrote for The Boy’s birthday. Which was in April. At least I wrote them! Somehow thought, I forgot about them and never mailed them out.

Before that, we had a Baptism and Miss Mighty’s birthday last year, events for which I never found time to write cards.

With Mighty’s recent birthday, I thought I’d get back on track. I ordered a printable Thank You card from Etsy that matched the party invitations. MOST of the words are already written. It’s designed for the child to fill in a couple of blanks – recipient’s name and the gift they gave.

Great idea! In theory.

In reality, not so much.

To start, have you ever tried to print and then cut out anything with a toddler on your lap? Fun times.

Also, my five-year-old’s name is really the only word she can spell without assistance. On the plus side, she should be able to spell Frozen, Elsa, and toy on her own by the time we’re finished writing these. Unless I completely fail and just have her write ‘gift’ on that line.

Of course, all of that is only relevant if we actually get to it all. I’m highly skeptical. I don’t know what has happened to me, but I just can’t seem to find the time anymore.

Do you write Thank You cards? Skip it all together? Or do you use an app? I’ve heard there are several good ones, but haven’t ever really tried any. Would love suggestions!

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  1. We do hand-written thank you notes--the boy asks to do them the minute he receives things. I've done the fill-in-the-blank ones for him before, but he is too wordy for that.