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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Awkward Drop Off

For those of us who are veterans at the day care drop off process, it may seem like no big deal. Of course, it was at first. I’m pretty sure I cried after dropping off Baby (aka Miss Mighty) every single day for months when we initially started day care.

The months passed, and it became easier. The years passed, and it simply became part of our routine. Some days are easier than others. And, of course, she saves the clingy, whiny, guilt trips for me and not Husband … which is why I ‘let’ him do most of the morning drop offs.

This is also why, when I drop the kids off, I often do the ‘drop and dash’ routine, leaving them safely, but quickly, in the arms of a loving teacher so as to avoid the meltdown drama.

When I look back at both the good and the bad, I can see that we have a pretty good system in place. It makes those rushed mornings run more smoothly and gives us an overall sense of balance.

The day care drop off routine for us is well established, but there are other drop offs that are a little more awkward. For example, a few weeks ago, I signed Mighty up for an after school class. On the first day, I was that weird mom who didn’t quite know what to do.

Do I leave her there? With complete strangers? Sure, it was a trusted program with vetted teachers that came highly referred. But still.

Do I wait around? For an hour and a half? Doing what? It was awkward. Because I did wait. I waited out the entire 90 minutes while other parents who had been in the program longer dropped their kids off and went about their business.

After a couple of classes, I felt more comfortable leaving while she attended the class, but my comfort soon gave rise to another level of awkward. Once in the comfort zone, I fell quickly back into our drop and dash routine. I’m pretty sure I was on the receiving end of a few looks and some mama judgment as I headed out the door last night without a hug or wave or even a yelled ‘goodbye’ in Mighty’s direction.

She was okay. I was okay. It felt comfortable, and she was a singing, happy girl when I picked her up. No worse for the wear. But the whole situation did make the think twice.

How do you handle drop off? 

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  1. Baby Gray makes it quite easy. He walks in--without any encouragement--maybe shouts "bye" as he starts exploring and goes about his business. There's no need for me to worry about any of it. He's already gone; it doesn't matter if it's school, church, or somewhere we've never been before.