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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Even the tiniest ripple: Valentine's Day

I haven't done much yet with my project, Even the tiniest ripple.

Probably because I'm not yet sure exactly what I want it to look like.

However, I really don't want to just sit on it until it becomes a perfect plan. Because, honestly, that might never happen.

So, until then, I'm going to wing it. Which means it might look different with every post for a while, and it will also probably be a little unstructured at first. But I think that's okay. Don't you?

Let's just give it a shot.

How can we make tiny ripples in making the world a better place?

Since Valentine's Day is one week away, let's aim for finding REAL ways to spread a little love.

I am not suggesting we forego the flowers and candy and special dates, but let's also think a little bigger.

Here are a few ideas for you ...

-I bought the cutest books on Etsy last month that say I Love You Because on the front cover. The inside leaves room to write 100 reasons why you love that person. I think real reasons from your own heart totally trump a store-bought card, don't you? Tell the ones you love very specific things that you love about them!

-Instead of small (or even big) gifts that might be overlooked in just a little time, consider purchasing gifts with a purpose. They're almost sold out, but you might still be able to snag the very first Purpose Box. Or what about donating a farm animal, clean water, or medical supplies to those in need? You can do this through many amazing programs like Samaritan's Purse or World Vision, and you can make your donation in honor of your own special loved one.

-When I think of all the love my family enjoys, it makes me what to ensure that other children have the same emotional luxuries we often take for granted. We sponsor several children through Compassion International, but you can also just call your local children's shelter to spread a little love. Drop off gently used stuffed animals or even handmade Valentine's cards.  

-Valentine's Day is also a great time to introduce new and fun foods to your kids. You can make a special date out of the entire process - the shopping, cooking, and eating. The memory of spending time together will far outlast the heart-shaped box of chocolates.

-Ask your kids to write personal Valentine's cards to their friends instead of just picking up the ready-made ones at the store. Or, if you're like me and don't have the time to walk your young kids through that process, you can discuss and select a Bible verse about love to print in lieu of traditional cards. This gets your kids involved in the process of loving others intentionally, which, in my book, is a great way to start making ripples.

-Anonymously drop off Boxes of Joy to those who might need a little bit of uplifting. We all know a mom (or dad) who might have had a rough time lately and who won't likely be getting much in the way of gifts for Valentine's Day. Fill a small box with lotion, jewelry, a candle, a nice card, etc., and leave it on their front porch.

These are just a few ideas that I have been tossing around. We will get to some this year and keep some in mind for another time. I would love for you all to share your ideas on how we can make some tiny ripples this week in the name of love ...


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love (pun intended) these ideas--so much better than cheesy valentines!

  2. Such great ideas! And a great perspective - Valentine's Day is more than being sappy with your special loved one - its about loving others! Neighbours, family, teachers, class mates - everyone needs to feel appreciated from time to time. And thanks for sharing about the Purpose Box! I am excited to check it out!