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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How do you keep your family healthy?

When rumors of sickness start to trickle in, you can almost see the panic etched permanently on every mother’s face.

We working moms? We put in our time those first 2 years of day care. Aren’t we supposed to have moved passed the point of constant ickiness?

Still, we take extreme measures to do everything in our power to keep our kids healthy.

Stories of the enterovirus had me Facebook messaging our day care director. In the middle of the night. About hand sanitizer. Yes, I am that mom.

(FYI – day care cannot give hand sanitizer to kids.)

Yesterday, I began hearing rumors that a new, violent stomach flu is making the rounds in our area.

So ….

We diffused thieves oil.

We rubbed more thieves on the kids’ feet before school.

We sent thermos cups of Emergen-C ‘juice’ for them to drink today.

We have told them at least thirty times … Do NOT drink out of the water fountain! Wash your hands! Sing Happy Birthday THREE times while you scrub the soap. Do NOT share cups!

When they come home, we will go straight to the bathtub.

And, I am still sure this bug will find us anyway.

Because I have a cross-country business trip tomorrow. And it might ice over on Thursday morning while I am out of the state. And Husband and I have a wedding next week. In Mexico. So, what better time to throw a wrench in the plans?

Please pray for Husband this week. His sanity may be tested just a bit.

How do you keep your family healthy when rumors of sickness swirl? Please share your suggestions with us!


  1. We are diffusing orange/peppermint like crazy. H came up with some sort of little tummy something (that I actually don't even think is a virus), so I took to the internet for oil suggestions.

    We use Thieves hand soap in the bathroom, and I think it makes a ton of difference. It's worth the price.

    1. I love the Thieves soap! I don't have orange, but I love peppermint. I think it might be the best oil out there. We also have the DiGize if H's little tummy isn't better soon....

  2. As soon as I read your blog title, I was instantly thinking "Thieves" in my head! Sounds like you're on the right path! Have you tried the flu bomb?

    1. What is the flu bomb? Please share? Or I guess I can look it up on Pinterest. Thanks for the suggestion!