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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When your car is your office {AND} you’re a mom.

Yes, I am going there.

Let’s be honest. Mom cars are not always the pinnacle of cleanliness. Even mine, despite my husband’s neat-freak tendencies. As much as he hates it, my car is my world. My crazy, chaotic, messy world.

Even before kids, my car struggled {yes, I am writing this as though it was the car’s fault. It works out better for me that way.}

When your car is your office, you live in it. It is my commute, my coffee break, my conference call. 

My car tows products, supplies, and me.

It’s also what I use to transport my family. Weekend trips, swim lessons, and regularly scheduled errands. 

So. When your car is your office AND you’re a mom, it might look something like this …

Barbie dolls stuffed in boxes of product samples.

Business suits hanging over car seats.

Sippy cups tucked in next to file folders.

Brochures hidden under the shopping cart cover.

Tap shoes stacked on top of boxes of business cards.

Marketing swag for customers housed in an unused baby wipes container.

Dinosaurs that fell into that extra pair of pumps. 

The list could go on. Today I found a toy Smurf in my laptop bag. It just happens.


  1. My car has never been messy--then we moved to the country. I work on the go, we get our mail in town, and I have the boy's stuff (which is supposed to be organized) in the backseat. It's one of my least favorite things right now; I can't wait for cabinets, closets, and organization to be back at home so I can get some of this out of my car!

  2. I hear you! I think that is part of our struggle too. I have 10 years worth of supplies/stock for work, and it keeps rolling in with nowhere to put it all. Most of it end up in the back of my car for 6 months. Looks like lots of progress on your house ... hope you get to the cabinet phase soon!

  3. My purse is in the same shape. Business cards mix with pacifiers, and collateral for work is tucked in with daily reports from daycare. And sometimes when I'm reaching for my wallet, I grab a Boogie Wipes or a snack pack of Goldfish instead. :-)

    1. Definitely the purse too! Not to mention that A often 'trades' my lip gloss for her princess chapstick. :)