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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Even the tiniest ripple: how can we help?

What a month May has been in my little community. We’ve had lots of bad news topped off by devastating weather here in Texas these last few days.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed in times like these. It seems that there is no end in sight for the cancer warriors, loss mommies, and flood victims that we call neighbors and friends. Their battles are just beginning, and we want to help without really knowing how or when or where we are most needed.

These are the times when I find myself unsure of my place in it all. I want to help everyone, but I have no idea where to start. I have written about this before, and it is part of my slow-to-start initiative Even the Tiniest Ripple. Today, I’d like to see what we can to do make a few ripples in this sea of overwhelming devastation by discussing specific ways to provide assistance.

Pray. In talking with some of those affected, I can assure you that the most requested mode of help is PRAYER. In whatever way you can, simply lifting up those affected is most appreciated.

Donate. If you are looking for more tangible ways to help those in need, you can make monetary donations to legitimate organizations like the United Way, Red Cross, or local food banks and churches. Some individuals also have Go Fund Me accounts (or the like), but please donate with caution and always verify that the funds will be turned over to the appropriate parties.

Volunteer. There are also many opportunities to directly volunteer your time, resources and efforts. With the recent flooding in Texas, I have seen a wide variety of offers-- everything from bull dozers and chainsaws to glucose and syringes to stuffed animals. These donations are so very much appreciated, but also need to be properly organized. Check social media outlets and call individual City organizations to find out where your efforts can be most beneficial.

Love. Attend and help promote benefits for those affected. I love benefits, because I see them as a way that individual people put their own talents and resources to use – whether those include cooking, singing, organizing, rallying, or even just showing up. Better said, benefits are direct ways to show our love for those around us.  

Remember. It is easy to want to jump in and help when the news first breaks, but most of the people affected by illness or loss or weather devastation will endure these conditions for weeks or months or years to come. Mark your calendar for 6-weeks out, then 3 months, and longer if you would like. Check in as time passes and offer assistance, continued prayers, a friendly shoulder to lean on even as time goes by. These events change lives forever.

If you would like to become involved in helping with any of the recent tragic situations, you can find more information at the links below.

These links are to social media outlets that will connect you to many other area resources for each community. 


  1. Thank you for posting the links. We are wet here in Oklahoma too, but not as much!

    1. Your weather is just as scary. Stay safe!

  2. Great reminders of things we can actually do to help! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are some great ideas and resources to help those in need! God Bless You and Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the remember idea--I have done this before, but setting it in my calendar is definitely a must for me! I can be very forgetful if I don't keep it all in order!

    1. Thanks. It is so easy to jump in at first, but these issues will linger indefinitely for some ....

  5. I can't believe the weather you've had down there. Know that folks up here in Michigan are praying for all of you.