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Friday, June 12, 2015

My Tiny Assistant

This week, my tiny assistant was back in the office with me. These are not the most productive days on my schedule, which is probably why they are a rare occurrence. They are, however, an adventure – full of enlightenment and so much fun.

This week,  Miss Mighty helped me implement several new {home} office policies.

Policy #1 – Silly Face Selfies are a must. Typically, I would not condone workplace selfies, but my tiny assistant insisted, and I made an exception.

Policy #2 – Ridiculous lunch options are sometimes the best. Jelly toast and lemonade? Why not? I was on professional duty, not mom duty, so this was not the time to go to battle over mealtime antics.

Policy #3 – Nap time is only awesome when you can do it in the middle of the work day. Does any child actually like to nap? Even if they need it, do they ever go down without a fight? Not in my house. Working mom nap time, though? It is pretty awesome.

Policy #4 – Strawberry Shortcake makes for the best elevator music. It’s sad but true. I wasn’t going to get anything accomplished without at least a little TV time for Mighty, so I did my afternoon work to the tune of Cherry Jam superstar.

Y'all, I have come to realize that tiny assistants are better than regular sized ones. Sometimes, this is because you can send them to timeout when they’re being obnoxious instead of worrying about some HR nonsense, but mostly it is because they give you the best reasons to smile.

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