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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

5 Things {Some} Working Moms Think About on Monday Mornings

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5 Things {Some} Working Moms Think About on Monday Mornings

We working moms cherish our weekends with our family because we know Monday morning will roll around all too soon, and it will be back to the grind – work for us, child care for our kiddos, and lots of schedules, routines, and hurrying. Those relaxed moments over the weekend are so precious.

Before I had kids, Monday mornings were rough. Back to the grind meant waking up early and not being on my own time for the next five days straight. After kids, I couldn’t even really tell you what my own time means anymore, so that factor is relatively inconsequential.

And, let’s face it, what is early? Really, if I can sleep until 6 a.m., I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

So, yes, we love our children {obviously} and we appreciate the way weekends slow our pace, but there are also a few things we appreciate about Monday mornings …

I will drink my entire cup of coffee while it is still hot. Okay, maybe not my first cup, because one small person or another will inevitably need something before my third sip. This is okay, though, because there will come a time and a place for a second cup. That time and place will be at the quiet of my desk after everyone has gone to school. And my coffee will be hot down to the last drop.

Mommy guilt, be gone. The schedule is the schedule. I don’t know about you, but my kids always ask for outlandish activities or outings. Ice cream for breakfast, a quick trip to Hawaii, joining the circus this week. “Please, Mommy, please?! You never let us do anything fun.” I know these are silly requests, but I often feel the guilt of constantly being the reason for the no. When Monday morning rolls around, no is not my fault. We have work and school, and that’s just the way life works.

I don’t have to find an excuse for not being crafty for the next five days. I am terrible at kid-type projects. Chalk and paint and art supplies in general leave me overwhelmed and thinking about all the messes we will make. I can read stories and build towers any time, but I tend to shy away from anything that has ever found its way to Pinterest. So, unless a holiday is looming, I tend to take the pressure off of myself during the work week. The kids do at least a half dozen art project at school, and I’m glad for the help.

Aaahhh, lunch break. Whether it is a lunch break with adult conversation or jamming your own music during your commute or just a five minute pause in the day to check email or social media or call to check in on family or friends … it is quiet. I am very aware that a lot of moms do not have breaks like these, so I am always grateful for the quiet moments that I can sneak into my work week.

I can actually hear myself think. Tell me it’s not just me. Those tiny little people have sucked your brain dry, too, right? Yesterday, while trying to explain something to Husband that should have taken 60 seconds, I explained ‘when is Thursday’ in roughly a dozen different ways to both my preschooler and toddler. Then I promptly forgot what I was trying to tell Husband. On Monday morning, not only can I hear myself think, but I can actually remember most of my thoughts. The novelty!

What are you thinking when Monday morning rolls around? 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Cold sandwiches

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Cold sandwiches
Husband and I were kid free for a couple of days over the weekend. We had very grand plans to “do all of those things we never have time to do when the kids are home” …

We did none of those things.

We took two hour naps.

I read two books. Two entire books. And started a third.

I did not meet my step-goal on the fitbit. Not one single day. Oops.

Sunday rolled around, and I proclaimed that I might like to cook dinner. You know, actually cook dinner. Not throw something in the crock pot. Not reheat leftovers. But actually cook. I do love to cook {when I have time} …

The idea sounded so lovely. I would pour a glass of wine. Then, I would leisurely chop and slice and prepare fresh ingredients for a delicious meal we would enjoy together. Just the two of us.

The idea sounded so nice. When I mentioned it at noon.

By the time the evening rolled around, I casually asked, “Husband, do you know what I love about cold turkey sandwiches?”

“That I make them?” he responded.

YES. Absolutely.