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Monday, July 6, 2015

Cold sandwiches

Husband and I were kid free for a couple of days over the weekend. We had very grand plans to “do all of those things we never have time to do when the kids are home” …

We did none of those things.

We took two hour naps.

I read two books. Two entire books. And started a third.

I did not meet my step-goal on the fitbit. Not one single day. Oops.

Sunday rolled around, and I proclaimed that I might like to cook dinner. You know, actually cook dinner. Not throw something in the crock pot. Not reheat leftovers. But actually cook. I do love to cook {when I have time} …

The idea sounded so lovely. I would pour a glass of wine. Then, I would leisurely chop and slice and prepare fresh ingredients for a delicious meal we would enjoy together. Just the two of us.

The idea sounded so nice. When I mentioned it at noon.

By the time the evening rolled around, I casually asked, “Husband, do you know what I love about cold turkey sandwiches?”

“That I make them?” he responded.

YES. Absolutely. 

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