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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's in the bag.

It’s in the bag.

This is a modern colloquialism that roughly translates to “I’ve got this.”

The problem is … I don’t have anything. At least not in this bag, the bag that I have with me right now. Where is it? It’s in my other bag, I’m sure, the bag that I used last time.

(Pictured: Really big work bag, diaper bag, weekend purse, the laptop bag I usually use, and a cute clutch down in front. Also, the boy's backpack hanging on the hook above that we occasionally use when we don't want to lug the big diaper bag. I've used all of these in the last two weeks. Plus, not pictured, my luggage.)

It’s in the diaper bag. Or my laptop bag. Or my purse. Or my luggage.

Or, maybe it’s in the console of my car.

Who really knows?

I change bags so many times during a given week that I’m surprised I don’t lose track of more things. It’s usually just something simple like my sunglasses. Occasionally, though, it’s my wallet … which really stinks when I get all the way to the grocery store or airport without any money or form of ID.

On the other hand, I almost always have goldfish crumbs in my laptop bag and my work phone in whatever bag I have with me on the weekend. I just never seem to remember to transfer over the important items … like my favorite lip gloss.

Is it just me? Or is this a common problem in the world of working moms? Or moms in general? {Tell me I’m not alone!} Between work, dropping kids off at school or extracurricular activities, running errands, and the occasional night out, I literally cycle through at least 3 bags each week, more if I have a business trip and need to pack luggage.

Is there a better way to stay organized? If you know it, please share it! 

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