Working Mom Guilt - Baby Steps in High Heels

Friday, October 23, 2015

Working Mom Guilt

There is an awesome group called Working Moms Against Guilt. I love their mission, but I am afraid that I’m not very good at fighting the working mom guilt myself … especially at this late point in my sales season. I’ve had overnight business trips, lunch time conference calls, and a ton of daily meetings and appointments, all of which have taken me away from precious family time in some capacity or another.

I can usually rationalize my circumstances, but I tend to come a little undone toward the end of a long sales season. And, I’m pretty sure my {teeny, tiny, innocent} children can smell my guilt from a mile away.

“Don’t “weave” me, Mommy!” cries the two-year-old.

“But, Mom! Aaaaalllll the other moms come have lunch with their children. Because they love their children,” insists the Kindergartener.

And, y’all, at this point, I am tired. I do feel guilty. And, I buy into every single word.

This should be the point where the wheels fall off of the cart when it comes to being organized and meal prepping, and alltheother crap I try to start the season off with in order to maintain some sanity. This should be the point where we slow down and I am happy just to remember to throw an applesauce into their lunchboxes before we run out the door. This should be the point when I start to relax.

But, no. Instead, this is the point where the guilt has finally overtaken my rational mind and turned me into Stepford-like crazy person.

“No, honey, you don’t have to go to daycare after school. I would be happy to take 45 minutes out of my day to sit in the ridiculous pick-up line and get you myself. Then, I’ll bring you home so you can watch Netflix and ask me a million questions while I “work” this afternoon.”

“Hey, why don’t we walk to school today? I totally have time for that!”

“It’s still nighttime, buddy, but of course I will hold you until the alarm rings. Or, better yet, let’s just get up at 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday so we can spend some quality time together.”

May I just say that aaaaaalllll the other moms are actually not eating lunch with their kids at school every day. I know this because I fell for that one, too.

Do you have mommy guilt? How do you overcome it? Please share your wisdom …


  1. It's so easy to feel guilty as a mom. I work from home and homeschool, but I still feel guilty about not spending enough time with my children. I think it's a vicious, never-ending cycle we just can never get out of, lol!

  2. Guilt is my middle name! BUT I know that when I look after myself and be a 'better me' first and foremost, then I'm a 'better mum' (sorry I'm Aussie lol). When I feel happy and in control, then the guilt does decrease :-) xxx