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Friday, December 18, 2015

Room Mom

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times … I am NOT the crafty mom. I am not the teacher mom. I am not the play date mom or the Pinterest mom.

But, today I was … the Christmas Party Room Mom.

And I survived! Okay, okay, I had 2 other room moms who did most of the crafty-thinking. And there were several other parents who showed up to help with those crafts. And with lunch. But I did stuff too! And I was pretty good at it! Who knew?

I led 5 rounds of making reindeer food for 4 Kindergarteners at a time. I know most of you could do that with your eyes closed, but I’m pretty sure it was sheer luck that it all worked out for me. My daughter even said I was funny and that it was the best day ever.

I won’t lie … I’m exhausted. And so, so grateful for people in this world who have hearts (and minds) to be kindergarten teachers. But I am also making a mental note that I will definitely want to do this again next year. What a great day!

Now … let’s get this vacation started!

Big, BIG shout out to The Gray Matters for their always awesome Reindeer Food Classroom Treat printable!

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