The 100th Day of School - Baby Steps in High Heels

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The 100th Day of School

I LOVE teachers, especially my kids’ teachers. But. I am 100% OVER the 100 things that I have been asked to do to celebrate the 100th day of school!!

I posted that on social media this week in a mild rant, but mild quickly escalated as I opened my daughter’s folder to find even more projects this weekend. Projects that were really for me to do, since she is in kindergarten.

We had already made a shirt with 100 pink rhinestones glued (no stickers, per the teacher's request). This was totally perfect for her personality, but a not-so-perfect match for me given my complete ineptitude when it comes to anything crafty.

I had the lunch with 100 items mostly planned out – 1 yogurt, 1 bowl of macaroni, 1 orange, 1 apple sauce, 1 juice box, 50 raisins, 25 M&Ms, and 20 pretzels. There is NO way she’ll ever eat that much in the 22 minutes they have for lunch, but I was trying to play nice.

I did the Sign-up genius for the 100-things projects they’ll be doing throughout the day. I’m guessing we’ll have a lovely 100-piece Fruit Loop necklace sent home on Wednesday.

It was already a lot. A. LOT.

Then we received her homework … how many times did she think she could do various things in 100 seconds? And how many times could she actually do them? Sooo … we clapped, blinked, hopped, sang (shouted) the ABCs, counted to 10, and a few other things.

Finally, “she” was tasked with collecting 100 things to put in a bag that she’ll tell her class about on Wednesday. Husband suggested 100 pieces of imagination. If wine corks weren’t an integral part of my home décor, I might have dropped 100 into the bag as a not so subtle hint that I might be over this whole thing. Seriously, I almost wrote write on the paper: I do NOT have time for this.

But, we pushed through. She ‘collected’ 100 M&Ms, and we called it a day.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy these projects or the time we spent doing them together. It’s just … a lot. 

As a working parent, though I’m sure as any parent, who has time for ALL of this? It felt a little like that part of Marry Poppins where they jumped into the sidewalk-chalk scene … only, in our case, we jumped into the teacher’s Pinterest board and now we’re all rain-drenched, attempting to dash back to reality.

I do hope all of you enjoy the 100th Day of School … if you’ve put in nearly as much work as I have, your kids should have a blast!!

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