Summer Bucket List - Baby Steps in High Heels

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Bucket List

I just can't. I can't.

I cannot wrap my head around making a summer bucket list that puts even MORE ITEMS on our already maxed-out to do list.

We have plans every single weekend for the next 5 weeks straight …anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, camps, recitals, and such. And then it's July 4th, at which point summer is practically half over.

Y'all. School is not even out yet. Not for days.

So, maybe I'm being a tad bit dramatic, but I literally feel like I just CAN'T.

I'm exhausted even thinking about it! I am nowhere near my goal/word of the year (Still).

Fortunately, I stumbled on one of those magical mommy blogger that just brings everything into perspective. It was a summer bucket list of old school 'run in the sprinklers and drink from the water hose' types of activities. It clicked.

I loved her ideas, but I knew I had to make it my own or it would do more life-sucking than life-giving to our summer plans. I also instantly knew that I wanted to build activities into the plans that we've already made, activities that would help us focus on the little things so that we might actually see the joy in our chaos.

The idea here is not to add unnecessary stress. I don’t want to be up until midnight making crust-less sandwiches because we are going on a picnic tomorrow, come hell or high water. Nope. That’s not the point. This point is fun. And joy. So we will add a ‘picnic’ to the list, but I’m thinking that our picnic will probably consist of whatever random foods we have left in our house when grocery day is tomorrow and I don’t want to cook tonight. We will picnic on our floor or in the backyard, and it will be okay to eat crackers and cereal and fruit snacks for dinner that particular night.

Soooo, I came up with a Summer Bucket List that I think will fit and serve our family well this year. 

Build sandcastles
Knock down sand castles
Jump in puddles (especially if it insists on raining every day for the rest of time)
Impromptu day trips--no plans! Just pick up and go somewhere
Picnic dinners
Dance under the stars 
Let the kids stay up waaaay too late (late enough to actually see stars)
Slumber party with friends or even just at home
Have a tea party. This might be a fancy tea party, a teddy bear tea party, or just a drive through town drinking Sonic drinks with our pinky fingers out. Whatever works!
Catch fireflies. Because we are actually seeing them again after years without.
Watch the sunset or sunrise. And enjoy it! (Note: remember to make extra coffee.)
Make fresh squeezed lemonade. Don’t sell it in a fancy stand. Just drink it.
Play. Just play.
Messy science projects
Build towers out of legos. Or crackers. Or whatever we have on hand...
Treats...lots of coooold treats! Ice cream, sno cones, beer (rootbeer for the kids, real beer for the grown-ups)
Netflix. Lots and lots of movies on hot, humid afternoons

We will enjoy this Bucket List and aim to tackle every single item this summer, but we are doing so with reasonable expectations.

Reasonable Expectations means … lemonade will be made, but we will drink it ourselves. Someday the kids can set up a lemonade stand and sell their little hearts out, but that day will not come until they can make the stand on their own.  Day trips will be adventures, NOT reasons to stress. 

I have no theme parks on this list. Nothing that really requires us to spend any money we weren’t already planning to spend. And, nothing that requires much planning in advance. This list complies with my Mom Guilt Vacation, which I am beginning immediately. 

Right now, this list sounds just about perfect. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Do you have a Summer Bucket List? I’d love to see it … whether it’s ambitious, lazy, or somewhere in between.  


  1. We haven't ever done one, but I think this might be a good year to start since the boy can just tell me what to put on it! HA!

    1. I think that was the problem in years past ... I made the list myself. With things I thought would add 'magic' or whatever. Too much to stress about!

  2. I am an uber planner, but I don't get upset one bit when I need to throw the towel in and just let things go the way they go. If I don't want to do anything, guess what? The schedule gets chucked, and we hang out.

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